Hexa Connect: 2048 Puzzle

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Released on
May 29, 2024
May 29, 2024
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Hexa Connect: 2048 Puzzle

🎮 Hexa Connect: 2048 Puzzle is a game that combines number connection and merge gameplay, bringing you a brain-burning digital journey in a hexagonal world! Swipe the number blocks, connect in any hexagonal direction, merge into larger numbers, and beat the highest score. A brand new hexagon number puzzle awaits, creating a unique hexagonal thinking game experience for you.

🌟 Features
★ Innovative gameplay: Swipe to connect hexagons with numbers, and merge into larger numbers after releasing.
★ Extended play beyond 2048: Aim for number goals beyond 2048 for an unprecedented challenge.
★ Daily challenge: Update a new level in various gameplays every day, collect specific items, and win luxurious trophies.
★ Multiple game modes: Besides 2048 game mode, a more concise “1234 game mode” is provided to offer differentiated gaming experience.
★ Gorgeous rewards: Win beautiful themes, unlock exquisite hexagon materials, and collect practical boosters to assist you.

👥 Suitable Players
● Number game lovers.
● Casual game players.
● Puzzle fans.
● Players who seek challenges.

✨ Highlights
◾ No pressure and no time limit.
◾ Save progress automatically.
◾ Connect hexagons to collect dozens of stars.
◾ Powerful boosters available to enhance strategic thinking.
◾ Tons of free great prizes to award.

🕹️ Hexa Connect: 2048 Puzzle is easy to learn, yet challenging to master. It offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end. More importantly, your mind will be sharpened during the entertainment.

💡 Want to rule the Hexa Puzzle world? Start with beginner’s steps, then outsmart your opponents with your growing puzzle-solving skills, and try every meaningful strategy until you become the undisputed king of the game!

📱 Join us
This is a challenging and fun game for players of all ages. Whether you are a number game enthusiast or a casual player, you can find your joy here.
We look forward to your joining!
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📧 Contact us
If you encounter any problems or have any advice, please feel free to contact us via service@aimeishi.vip. Your feedback will help us improve the game and provide you with a better gaming experience. Thank you for playing!