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Jul 27, 2022
Mar 14, 2024
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With the Zapay App you can pay your 2024 IPVA on time!

💳 Pay your IPVA 2023 and IPVA 2024 in up to 12 installments on your credit card.

Just access our app, check your vehicle's license plate and that's it, if it's already available in your state, you'll have access to your 2024 IPVA so you can pay however you want:

Credit card up to 12 installments;

✅ It's SAFE and FAST.

You can also use Zapay to check IPVA, check fines, pay the 2024 licensing or fines you may have outstanding. Vehicle debts for your car, motorcycle or truck in a single app!

We are partners with DETRAN, so all of our information comes directly from Detrans across Brazil, so you can pay with more ease and options.

❤ Do like the more than 500 thousand customers who use the Zapay App to:

✅ Pay IPVA 2023 or Delayed IPVA;
✅ Pay traffic fines;
✅ Pay Licensing;
✅ Receive fine alert

Zapay makes everything more practical and faster for you, catching up on your vehicle's debts without feeling in your pocket. In less than 1 minute you can pay off all vehicle debts without leaving home and without getting stressed.

Save up to 20% on every fine you receive! Activate the Zapay alert and never be left without knowing about your fines again. With the fine alert, your car, motorcycle or truck is monitored every month and you will never again miss the deadline for the discount guaranteed by law.
No bureaucracy! Everything at your fingertips without needing Renavam or a password. Be alerted of any fine on your vehicle's license plate throughout the country.
You can even pay the fine in installments in the best way that fits your budget, directly on the Zapay app!

📱Digital driving license
Register your digital transit card in the Zapay app and always have your document with you. You just need to select your CNH file or take a photo of your Driver's License using your cell phone camera. Ready! Your Driver's License is always at your fingertips.

We are present in the DMV of all states in Brazil so you can:

Pay IPVA 2024 SP and SP Licensing;
Pay IPVA 2024 RS and RS Licensing;
Pay IPVA 2024 and RJ Licensing;
Or any vehicle debt from anywhere in Brazil!

Just check your vehicle's license plate, select what you want to pay, press the button, choose the payment method and that's it! We will send this directly to Detran online so they can register it for you.

🔍 Consultation
You can also check your vehicle by its license plate and check IPVA 2024, check fines, find out if your Licensing is late, your IPVA is late or any other vehicle debt.

This consultation is free and you can do it at any time on our App.

You can trust, as all the information comes from Detran SP, Detran RJ, Detran MG, Detran PR, Detran SC, Detran RS and Detran BA!

This means they are 100% accurate.

We are accredited partners with Detran, this means that as soon as you pay the late licensing, late IPVA or fines for your vehicle with our app, your order will be sent directly to the Detran system online and will be ready to be discharged.

Download the Zapay App on your cell phone and be able to:

– Pay licensing 2023 and 2024
– Pay IPVA 2024 and 2023
– Pay Fines;
– Consult your vehicle by license plate;
– View due date and pay your fines;
– Check the amount and pay late debts for your car, truck or motorcycle;
– Consult vehicle debts;
– Check the licensing fee expiration date and pay directly through the application;
– Pay via PIX, card or bank slip.

Aaah, do you have any questions??
Just call us on WhatsApp and we'll resolve it quickly.

*Estimated time to make payment in the app. For settlement at Detran there is a period of up to 2 business days, which may vary as in the case of active debt or debts that are from different bodies.