Wood Screw Master: Nuts Bolts

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Bravestars Publishing
Released on
Jun 12, 2024
Jul 1, 2024
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Welcome to Wood Screw Master: Nuts & Bolts, the ultimate puzzle game for anyone who loves to tinker and solve. Prepare to dive into a world of wooden plates, screws, and nuts & bolts where each move is a challenge and every level is a new opportunity to prove your puzzle-solving prowess!

How to Play:
– Remove and Cascade: Start each level by tapping to remove nuts and bolts strategically. Watch as the wooden plates pinned to the board cascade down, clearing the way for your success.
– Strategic Navigation: It’s not just about removing what you see. Navigate the nuts and bolts correctly to ensure all wood plates fall exactly where they should. Master the mechanics of movement and gravity to succeed.
– Decision-Making: Every choice counts in the Wood Screw Master. The placement and order in which you remove nuts and bolts can mean the difference between victory and having to retry. Think ahead and plan your moves carefully.

Exclusive Features:
– Collect and Build: As you progress through the levels, collect wooden panels. These aren’t just for show—use them to build a house piece by piece! Each level you complete brings you closer to constructing your own wooden masterpiece.
– Engaging Visuals and Mechanics: With beautifully crafted graphics and smooth gameplay mechanics, Wood Screw Master: Nuts & Bolts offers a visually pleasing and mentally stimulating experience.

Ready to embark on a uniquely challenging and rewarding adventure? Download Wood Screw Master: Nuts & Bolts today and start your journey into a world where each level is a step towards building your dream project. With intricate puzzles, stunning visuals, and the satisfying feeling of watching your constructions come to life, this game promises to captivate and engage you like no other. Don't miss out—start solving Nuts & Bolts Puzzle now!