WITH – Whale In The High

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Oct 15, 2023
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Every day WITH U
WITH is a cute mobile game where you can escape from daily life and enter a fantasy world❤
We are looking forward to seeing you at the relaxing island WITH

While traveling on a dandelion seed,
Wiz made an emergency landing on the back of Whale floating in the sky…
By chance, Wiz encounters the Whale
Together they create a healing space of their own.

Relaxing idle game, full of fantasy, WITH❤

[ WITH Features ]
1. A stress-free idle mobile game that anyone can enjoy!
No more stress! As time goes by, gold and hearts will be collected automatically. How easy it is❤
No more pressure! Enjoy the slow-paced daily life of the Wiz with soothing BGM, leaving behind your worries.

2. Customize the cute Wiz with various costumes and items!
Choose from a range of skin colors, costumes, shoes, bags, and more to create your own unique Wiz
You can even give them a name!
Check out Wiz with the rabbit costume for an extra dose of cuteness❤

3. Grow the whale by communicating with it and feeding it
Wiz and the whale have a symbiotic relationship
Try feeding the whale with food made by Wiz!
Every day, the whale will give you a word of comfort that will warm your heart❤
The whale’s comforting words can be a tremendous healing experience, especially when you’re tired of your daily life🎵

4. Gift your Wiz a pet!
On top of the whale, there are various pets living together in the fantasy world!
Make Wiz and pets friends so that Wiz isn’t bored. The affection level also goes up!
Enjoy the charm of small and cute pets❤

5. Visit the Wiz village, where you can experience tranquility and healing
Relax and unwind while listening to the soothing ASMR sounds of the cute Wiz🎵
Relieve stress by enjoying the healing BGM in the Wiz village and being disturbed by nothing🎵

[ We highly recommend WITH to those who ]
– need their own space and some relaxation from busy daily lives
– want to experience the healing itself, escaping from the tiresome daily routine
– love to customize pretty and cute characters
– love the fantasy genre games.
– want to communicate with Wiz, the whale, and pets
– love cute things and cute games
– enjoy healing ASMR sounds
– are truly into cute simulation games

[Essential access rights]
Photo/Media/File Access: Used to store the files needed to run the game on your phone. After agreeing to access rights, you can reset or revoke access rights as follows.

WITH Official Home Page: http://with.gnjoy.com/
WITH inquiry: withcs@gravity.co.kr