Võ Thần Kỳ Tích

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Jan 26, 2024
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Log in on the first day to immediately receive VIP10 and 100 million Diamonds, Fight with BOSS to receive rare Equipment and God-Level Equipment. Now is the time to unleash your Martial Power, awakening right under the blade of the sword

▶Refreshing Welfare x3:
Free VIP,Enjoy VIP Membership privileges, improve experience and Game progression speed. You can receive unlimited amounts of Gold Coins and Diamonds in the Game for free, improving your Character’s strength and combat power.

▶Super high ratio x3:
In battle with BOSS, have the opportunity to receive super high rewards, including precious Props and countless Game resources such as Mythical Equipment and God-Level Equipment, helping you become invincible. in Game.

▶ Personality appearance x3:
The game provides countless different Appearance Equipment, which you can combine arbitrarily according to your preferences and style, expressing your unique personality, allowing you to reveal your talents in the Game.

▶ Gentle operation x3:
The game provides an automatic shutdown feature, allowing you to fight and do tasks easily, without having to operate manually, saving time and energy.

OFFLINE Benefits:Even when in Offline state, you can still receive Benefits and Rewards in the Game, don’t miss any opportunities, continue to accumulate Resources and improve your Character’s strength.

Faster and Stronger: You can conduct Game operations faster through gentle manipulation methods, challenge enemies and BOSS more strongly, and experience more exciting combat fun.

Decision approving the content of the online G1 video game script No. 16/QD-BTTTT dated January 6, 2024
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