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**Therapy Support When You Need It**
unstuck Mental Health Studios Inc.
Feb 7, 2024
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**Therapy Support When You Need It**
We’ve been there before. Just write down what’s bothering you, unstuckAI will analyze it and..
1. Guide you in identifying relevant compulsions and then resisting/stopping them.
2. Walk you through in managing your anxiety in the moment effectively.
3. Help you identify your obsession, feared consequences, and cognitive distortions at play.

**Learn Skills To Help Manage Your OCD**
unstuck is carefully designed to not just help you in the moment, but train you to manage your symptoms WITHOUT the app. How? Each time you use the app, you’re practicing the same skills you would in OCD therapy.

**Review Past Entries**
Stuck on the same obsession? Always forgetting what to say during therapy sessions? Curious about progress? All your entries are stored securely so you (and only you) can review it whenever.

**Understand Your OCD Through Data**
What’s my most common distortion? What compulsions do I struggle most with? How intense is my anxiety in the mornings compared to night-time? unstuck securely analyzes your data points so you (and only you) can better understand how your OCD works.

**Learn How OCD + OCD Therapy Works**
Before you get full access to unstuck, you get psycho-education on how OCD + OCD therapy works that’s personalized to your OCD. AI-powered and designed by our team of OCD clinicians.

**Endorsed by OCD Clinicians!**
“unstuck has the remarkable potential to being a valuable tool for my clients in their journey towards OCD recovery… to help them break free from the grip of obsessions and compulsions" (Erin Venker, OCD and Anxiety Center of Minnesota)

Q) My OCD is weird/taboo/confusing. Will the AI understand me?
A) Yes! unstuckAI understands ALL things OCD, no matter how weird, taboo, or confusing you may think it is. Remember, our team either suffers from OCD directly or treats it, so we get it and our AI literally can’t judge. Give it a try 🙂

Q) My data is very sensitive. Where does my data go?
A) We know how sensitive and personal OCD is to you. We take your data privacy extremely seriously (read our Privacy Policy for more info). Your entries are encrypted and we never “read” what you write. Ever. That’s for you and your eyes only.

Q) Who are you?
A) We’re Lilian and Brian. Our lives have been turned upside down from OCD for the past 8+ years. We started this app with a team of OCD clinicians because we believe OCD treatment should be accessible and affordable to everyone. AI has a responsibility in making that happen.

Q) Does this help with exposures?
A) If you mean, pre-planned exposures that you normally do with an OCD therapist trained in ERP, not yet. unstuck currently only helps you resist compulsions in the moment, but stay tuned!

Although unstuck is an AI-powered OCD therapy support app, it is NOT technically delivering therapy itself and NOT meant to replace a therapist. It is also NOT clinically proven to treat OCD yet. It’s meant to help you in your therapeutic process by teaching you how your OCD works and helping you resist compulsions. If possible, this app is best used as a tool for OCD sufferers under OCD clinical supervision. It’s likely you may experience distress while using this app. Why? This app is designed on clinical treatment methods for OCD (ERP and ACT), where patients often experience distress as part of an effective therapeutic process. If you find that you need more support than this app can offer because of your distress level, it’s important you speak with an OCD clinician.

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