Surf GO – CS GO Parkour & Bhop

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PDA Games
Released on
Aug 22, 2019
May 21, 2024
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Become a bhop pro in exciting parkour levels with great graphics and open cases in the cs:go case simulator with cs go skins!

Play dynamic parkour cs go, in which you can compete in different game modes: bhop surf or endless mode, and also play a case opening simulator!

You will also can to open cases in case simulator with legendary skins, such as Karambit, butterfly knife, M9 and many other guns from CS GO!

In the Surf GO game you will find dozens of parkour levels in the cs 2 style, as well as a store with cases and more than 200 skins for knives

In bhop mode you need to jump, maneuver and control your speed. Be careful and try not to fall, compete with other players in the speed of completion and enjoy incredible parkour in this gameplay like csgo.

In surf game mode, you'll need to control your speed and perform parkour tricks by sliding and jumping on ramps. Explore levels with parkour gameplay CS GO!

And when you get enough gameplay achievements in CS: Surf GO – Parkour and bhop, you can go to the game shop to open cases with legendary knives, you can collect a collection of more than 200 different skins in case opener simulator, such as karambit, butterfly knife or m9 to make your parkour look as epic as possible!

If you want to really test your cs:go parkour skills, then play the endless mode, it is available in both bhop and surf variants, try to complete as many levels as possible, but remember – with each level passed, the parkour will become faster and faster and more difficult! Set records and receive incredible rewards and achievements for completing endless parkour csgo.

Surf GO has many gameplay features:
– Dozens parkour level!
– More than 200 different skins and case open simulator, such as karambit or butterfly knife
– Mini game craft
– Ratings and achievements
– Incredible graphic and optimization
– About 50 achievements!

Play Surf GO: parkour from CS GO, complete levels in normal and endless parkour modes, buy cases in case opener, craft skins and get achievements in parkour games and enjoy graphics!

What's new

- Promotional code system, now you can receive promotional codes and also give currency, skins and even cases to other players!
- New collection of skins: "X-Ray!" 12 skins with a new shader and the possibility of unique customization!
- A lot of changes in the interface, a lot of frame rate optimization has been done and a lot of improvements and fixes have been made!