Superhero Ninja Prison Escape

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Dec 22, 2023
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Best ninja game Ninja kick Prison Escape Shadow Saga Survival Mission

Let’s avail the chance and it’s an amazing time to impeccant best ninja games prisoner escape thrash the brutal life in classic prison by using your ninja kick assassin skills. Famous gangsters or mafia of underworld criminal escape is enjoying prisoner escape life without fear of death and redemption. Take time for stealth mode game play and bang attack with cruel deadliest style. Avoid getting killed in crossfire by police department show best ninja games fight warrior art of fight by killing underworld mobsters and take revenge of old fights and murders. Don’t let prison warden sabotage your infiltration and assassination for grand hardcore criminal escape. Police guards are alert on sniper tower to take down any riot and criminal offense they will kill you with the faster snipers skills, you shadow ninja kick war bow should not work against them. Invisibility is the key to win this warfare against hardcore killers and thugs so prove yourself impeccant and inform police department about gangster, super mafia, and all betrayed police officers. As real shinobi eliminate brutal mercenary and dishonorable ronin samurai inside prison cell cause you are a kungfu saga fight ninja hero and your skills are enough for them. Watch out for janitors and prison officer they can raise security alarm to kill or recapture you and put in jail escape prison so be careful when fithness stories or the war should be discured.

Are you asking for the tired of usual police chase games and crime simulators when the ninja archer do any act of beautiful? Survive this harsh jail escape prison battle in the atmosphere of Far east! Commit a breakout from a private prison escape and try to help your cellmates and other prisoner escape to get out of this outlaw jail like every prison escape with the help of your prison real ninja etc! Show your fighting ninja skills saga using different punches, kicks, strikes and knockouts and defeat everyone trying to stop you – guards, yakuza enforcers, soldiers, or even your lockdown cell inmates! Fight, smash, slash and defeat as a real master ninja! Check this unusual prison break escape simulator and try yourself as a ninja prisoner escape who’s last chance to survive is to get out of this harsh place but not by disturbing other and they will get a chance to escape cause ! Fight against the bandits chasing your, defeat armed prisons guard and help your lockdown cell inmate to break out safe and sound with Ninja Prison Escape Shadow Saga Survival Mission.

The ninja warrior saga is 100% ready to fight against the betrayed police officers and the other market issues, Police department and law enforcement agencies are on a lookout for the flying ninja archer with stealth killing abilities but you want to differentiate yourself from the war prisoner and jail criminal to complete amazing ninja revenge from ninja archer. Perform the secret mission which is assigned to real ninja by warrior superhero gang to reach the grand city and gangster mafia head of survival city in the action ninja & the ninja saga game.

Ninja Prison Escape Shadow Saga Survival Mission (GAME PLAY)

> Play the amazing game of real ninja hero saga & action ninja warrior
> Escape from the prison jail and spoof the police department
> You’re an amazing fighter of ninja fight saga & shadow hunt warrior
> Be careful while spoofing the jail security and the snipers
> Complete the level by escaping from the prisoner jail and proof yourself impeccant

Ninja Prison Escape Shadow Saga Survival Mission (FEATURES)

> Fantastic game play and the prison jail escape environment
> Realistic environment and sound
> Buy the prison ninja costumes and weapons
> Super fighting skills & techniques
> User friendly and free no internet action games