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Jan 9, 2024
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In Super, you will transform into a cute little fish named Rocket. Your mission is to eliminate dangerous enemies hidden deep beneath the ocean floor and become the King of the Ocean.👑👑

To become the only survivor, you must control the sword to defeat anyone who stands in the way, turning them into sashimi and receiving many valuable rewards. Cleverly slide the sword into the enemy's flank and slash a decisive line. Escape from the enemy's blade and avoid lethal stabs as soon as you sense danger approaching!

You will encounter numerous Bosses with tremendous power at the end of each level. Upgrade your sword as well as practice your movement techniques to be able to defeat them and rise to the position of ocean king. Keep your guard up!! There is never a safe moment since the smallest fish can still defeat you even when you are at the top of the scoreboard. 🦈🦈

Salient features:
🐟 IO gameplay, you can play with others around the world!
🐟 You will have to deal with numerous fish in the ocean, including sharks, predators, goldfish, turtles, squid, etc.
🐟 To strengthen Rocket, equip him with several exotic fish and weapons.
🐟 The scoreboard is updated continuously. Gold, silver, and bronze crowns will be given to the top three competitors.
🐟 Eye-catching graphics, attractive images
🐟 Simple gameplay, smooth operation
🐟 Suitable for all ages

How to play:
🐠 Use your sword to stab other fish and kill the boss.
🐠 Collect fish heads, eat sashimi to evolve.
🐠 Collect gems scattered under the sea to restore mana and launch faster.
🐠 Unlock various fishes and weapons for extra power.
🐠 Watch out for the yellow warning signs that warn of approaching enemies.

Download Super Fish.Io now to become the world champion fish and rule the sea kingdom!! The battle for survival is waiting for you! 🔥🔥

What's new

Update version 0.3.2
- Fix minor bugs.
- Optimize game performance.