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Oct 5, 2023
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Play Skibo and say bye to boredom. High quality, beautiful, and no time limit. Unique gameplay of the most famous card games: “Solitaire”, “Rummy” and “Uno ” 🏆🏆.

Relax with Skibo now, Join the world of Skip Solitaire ⬇️, and enjoy the game with your family and friends!

The Skibo is a fun addition version of the Skip Card Games. This exciting game challenges players to be the first ones to make a stack of ascending cards until they have no cards left.

Hot features:
🎮 Localized in various languages
🎮 Advanced AI, multiple skill levels.
🎮 Exciting gameplay and fun graphics
🎮 BONUS every day 💰💰
🎮 Fun for EVERYONE ✌️✌️!

How to play?

To be the Skibo winner, be the first player to play all cards in your stockpile by playing cards in the order of numbers from 1 to 12.

Wild cards in the pack bring in interesting twists & turns.

When there are 2 – 4 players, the dealer deals 30 cards to each player.

Cards dealt face down and become your STOCKPILE.

The dealer places the remainder of the deck face down in the center of the play area for DRAW Pile.

During play, 4 Building piles will also be created for all players.

Building Piles:
👉 During play, up to 4 building piles can be started
👉 ONLY a 1 or a WILD CARD card can start a BUILDING pile
👉 Pile is built numerically in sequence
👉 Once a pile has 12 cards (1 to 12), it is removed, new pile started in its place

Play smart to play all cards from the stockpile fastest before your opponent gets rid of theirs.

How to win?
💎💎Test your strategic skills and get into the action, and serially play all of your cards. Keep track of your opponents, though, because the first player to get rid of all cards in their Stockpile wins.

The winner of the Skip Card Game Party is the first one who has no cards left 👋👋.

Please don’t forget to rate and give your feedback for the Skibo Card Game game to help us improve it!

Now play this Skibo free and have a wonderful time playing!⬇️⬇️

Thank you!

What's new

- Update purchase no ads when Play Skibo
- Localized in various languages
- Advanced AI, multiple skill levels.
- Exciting gameplay and fun graphics
- FREE BONUS every day