Situation Puzzle

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May 1, 2024
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It's time to test your thinking skills with the "Situation Puzzle".
This free game app is a Situation Puzzle app that is different from traditional quiz games.
The key to this game is to go beyond just the surface of a problem and find surprising connections and hidden facts behind it.

* Conversational AI: You can ask the AI free questions to get hints and answers to your problems.
* Diverse quizzes: Full of questions from a variety of genres to stimulate your thinking.
* Evolving difficulty: Suitable for players of all levels, from beginner to advanced.
* Intuitive interface: Clean, intuitive design that anyone can easily navigate.

"Situational Puzzle" is also called "Lateral Thinking Quiz", "Sea turtle soup", and "Yes/No puzzle".
This is a quiz in which the answerer asks the questioner questions that can be answered with either "Yes," "No," or "doesn't matter," to find out the truth.
In Situation Puzzle Sea Turtle Soup, seemingly simple quizzes actually require complex thinking and creative solutions.

In order to solve a problem, it is necessary to look at the problem from various angles by asking AI questions with free thinking.
Each problem will test your logical thinking, creativity, and sometimes even your intuition.

This app is not just a game to kill time. It is also a training tool that improves problem-solving skills in daily life and develops flexibility of thinking. Competing with friends and family allows you to improve each other's knowledge and insight while having fun.
Download it now and see how far your thinking skills go. Unleash your creativity to find answers that go beyond common sense!