Scary Baby Pink Horror Game 3D

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BF Games Studio
Released on
May 16, 2023
Jul 11, 2024
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brave enough to engage in the horror gaming adventure in a pitch-black haunting mansion. This scary ragdoll horror game will appeal to you if you enjoy playing eerie games and can figure out various death clown puzzles to escape the rooms. A hide-and-seek game with this terrifying ragdoll in a grandma's haunted house was once cute, but with time, the baby girl turned evil and tried to attack everyone like an evil child. While passing through the evil spirit infant of the dark house, you will grow more fixated and closer to the haunted house.

Avoid the baby nightmare experience at this time. You play a small baby's helper in this scary baby game, but it's not a typical horror or spooky game like other traditional horror survival games or other baby simulator games where you play as a family member. A baby comes with a lot of responsibility. In the video game, you must do several everyday activities.

Avoid the evils in the ragdoll home and stay out of the magical spring or you will be expelled from the magical spring and die as a result. You ended up trapped in the Horror House's Scary Baby! Catch and save the infant and take care of him before bad spirits in the baby in the screaming game haunt you. When you run out of time or are late for any obligation, a spooky nightmare will ensue.

To play the baby's nightmare adventure of a babysitting horror game and pink terrifying escape game, you must download this pink horror game from the Play Store. Complete the tasks in the spooky and terrifying babysitting games with Babysitter Nun. Play granny life babysitting games and take part in creepy pranks in this lovely horror game. Play the spooky hide-and-seek haunted house game and the haunted home infant escape game.

In the second chapter, wicked, spooky, and ready to frighten are scary baby kids! Of course, this is not your typical babysitting game where all you have to do is give the babies food. The babies are dressed as clowns for fun, the lights are on, and this is how the second chapter of the Baby House begins. In this crazy scary baby simulator, you will have to take care of two scary, dark, creepy, and evil babies inside the frightening house full of unanticipated surprises and events for you to enjoy! Making the scariest but entertaining games is what we set out to do.

Complete the tasks in the babysitter nun ultra scary and strange babysitting games. In this scary ragdoll horror game, play granny life babysitting games and experience spooky pranks. Play the scary haunted house hide game and the haunting mansion home baby escape game. You must download this pink horror game from the Play Store to play the baby's nightmare adventure of a babysitting horror game and pink terrifying escape game.