Russian Moscow Traffic Racer

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Mar 24, 2024
May 17, 2024
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Traffic Race in Moscow is the rad racing game that'll definitely click with everyone in the know. We've laid out all the tracks right at your fingertips so you can speed through the capital's hottest spots. We've cooked up such a realistic vibe, it feels like you're truly on the city streets, weaving through cars and feeling that adrenaline rush.

In Traffic Race in Moscow, you'll face intense traffic showdowns, wild drifts, epic collisions, and total chaos, just like in the most thrilling races. You'll be vibing with the big city life, racing both your own rides and flashy foreign cars.

The graphics here are just fire, each screen is like a postcard, but with drive.

You'll start off with legendary cars like the 2101, Lada Priora, or Vesta, showing off your skills right from the get-go. And from there, the sky's the limit – you'll be stacking cash to switch to something more serious. The game's loaded with a bunch of cars, from our own VAZ to cool G-Wagens. You can tweak any of them to fit your style, making sure you stand out in the city.

The game's packed with modes – from free cruising to time trials where every second counts. Change up the weather, time of day, and enjoy driving under different conditions. There are various camera angles – it's like you're both in the car and watching from above, so you'll never get bored.

Check out the features of Traffic Race in Moscow:

– A plethora of cars for every racing trick in the book.
– Max customization to make your ride not just fast, but stylish.
– Detailed locations where every corner is thoroughly designed.
– Various camera views for a better feel of the road.
– Controls for every taste, making you feel the car as if it were a part of you.

Dive into Traffic Race in Moscow and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of capital city races!

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