Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG

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Oct 20, 2023
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Embark on an epic adventure as the newly appointed Knight Captain in Royal Knight Tales, a unique Anime RPG that combines stunning Anime Heroes, casual MMORPG Gameplay, and engaging Tactical Battles for an unforgettable experience! ✨

Starter Welcome Pack Code: newgamer
Play to earn more Gifts from in-game mails as you reach levels 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25(SSR hero!).💡
All progress is kept online with No Reset, have fun anytime! We will continue to improve the game. 😊
Royal Knight Tales is available exclusively in English. (Solo inglés) (Apenas inglês) (Que l’anglais) (Только английский)

Game Features:
👯 Summon and assemble a diverse team of chibi knight heroes, anime girls, and goddess waifu in this captivating ecchi anime game, and overcome challenging adversaries across more than 20 story chapters.
⚔️ Select from six distinct hero classes, including swordsman, spearman, rider, archer, mage, and flyer, and as your knight heroes progress, choose from three troop evolution paths for each class.
🐲 Leverage each class’s unique strengths and counters, and strategically deploy among six formations to outsmart and defeat powerful enemies in engaging tactical battles.
💬 Engage with fellow players in a vibrant online fantasy kingdom, participate in enjoyable clan activities, aid your clan in conquering territories during Skyland Wars, and earn valuable rewards. Test your mettle against other players in the thrilling Star Tournament elimination challenge.
⛱️ 100% ad-free in game, immerse yourself without distractions.

Battle through tactical levels and deploy guardian knight heroes with their troops in strategic formations. Develop your royal castle, defeat epic bosses, join or create a clan, and restore order to the kingdom. From the creators of the acclaimed Sword Fantasy Online, Royal Knight Tales combines anime RPG elements with casual MMO gameplay to provide an engaging experience for fans of both genres.

You can contact support from the official Royal Knight Tales Facebook page:

System Requirements:
Android Version: Android 7.0 (Minimum), Android 9.0+ (Recommended)
RAM: 3GB (Minimum), 4GB+ (Recommended)
Storage: 0.6GB download, 0.8GB after installation; 2GB free space recommended.

More Details:
👯 Diverse Anime Heroes 👯
Recruit dozens of chibi girl knight heroes in this anime fantasy RPG, each with their own skills, class, and troops. Obtain heroes through Login Gifts, Elite Levels, Friend Gacha, and Elite Gacha summons, all beautifully drawn in high-quality anime RPG style.

⚔️ Heroes Command Troops in Battle ⚔️
Every knight hero has unique retinue troops that faithfully follow and fight alongside them. Upgrade and evolve troops to maximize their potential and strategically use class countering and formation to triumph in epic conquests. A basic Swordsman can evolve into a Heavy Defender, Paladin, or all-out offense Berserker. Plus, troops auto-recover after each battle without the need to spend resources to replenish.

🐲 Tactical Battle Elements 🐲
You can use class countering, formation, and tactical battles to defeat your enemies in this immersive chronicle. Experiment with various strategies and formations to find the perfect combination for victory. Switch between six different battle formations strategically to conquer stronger enemies in epic tactical battles.

💬 Online MMORPG Clans, Events, and Chats 💬
Join or create a clan to participate in MMO RPG-style clan events, defeat clan bosses, and earn weekly rewards. Conquer island castles in Skyland Wars and earn exclusive Hero Weapons, all while engaging with fellow players in world and clan chats.

💎 Daily Free Gems & Rewards 💎
Earn Gems daily through various sources like level clears, daily quests, and login rewards. Enjoy steady progress and support the game you love with top-ups if possible.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy Royal Knight Tales!

What's new

- Increased Full SSR Hero chance. New Daily Missions.
- Claim beginner reward mails at levels 5,10,15,20,25, including Gold, Hero, Summon Tickets, Upgrade Mats, and a random SSR Hero Box at level 25.
- Daily Beginner Rewards, including Gems and Summon Coupons.
- Daily Skyland Wars. Lv 35 Star Tourney event twice a week.
- Before leaving a negative review, please message us on Facebook @royalknighttales or in-game in Settings, Feedback. We will do our best to resolve it for you. Have fun!