Rider Worlds – Neon Bike Races
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Released on
Jul 11, 2023
May 28, 2024
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Get ready to rev your engines and conquer the ultimate biking challenge in Rider Worlds!

In this Rider sequel, you’ll drive your motorcycle through adrenaline-pumping races filled with heart-stopping flips, daring stunts, and lightning-fast dashes.

Jump over obstacles and defy gravity as you navigate a world of danger and extreme thrill.

This skill-based, fast-paced arcade game will push your limits and test your abilities to the max. With its impossible tracks and challenging obstacles, only the most skilled pilots will rise to the top of the league.

Master the rhythm, perfect your timing, and showcase your dexterity as you strive to beat records and achieve the highest scores. 

– Unlock 4 different worlds with unique properties: magnet roads, gravity fields, death lasers, glass floors… Only champions will get to the last world!

– Browse through 24 incredible bikes and cars, and upgrade each of them to 3 levels of rarity with exclusive designs.

– Find 5 extremely rare animated bikes only available during special events! Upgrade each one up to 3 times and give them a unique look.

– Try dozens of color schemes, trails, and animations – more than 6,000 unique skin combinations!

– Earn exclusive rewards and bikes during seasonal events! 

Embark on a neon-lit journey through futuristic landscapes, where minimalist 2D geometry and sleek lines create non-stop excitement and endless thrills.

Are you ready to ride, flip, and dash your way to victory?
Join the best bikers and become the ultimate champion in Rider Worlds!