Ram Cars: Fight & Destroy car

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Smart Raven Studio
Oct 18, 2023
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Sometimes you feel so tired, ordinary things are not helping you to relax and clear your mind. You are looking for something new to get your mind going. It doesn’t always need to be complicated and mind breaking. Sometimes your brain just wants to relax. Please tell us what is the easiest and fastest way to relax? Exactly, to destroy something and win. Even small victories count. That is what we are offering you! In our game you will need to destroy a car of your opponent. 3D graphics, different arenas, multiple challenges, upgrades, rewards! “I do not hear anything new or exciting”. Hang on a minute and you will see that our free app Ram Cars is worth your interest.

So what is so special about our game? It is an offline car fighting and smashing arena where you are driving your car by drawing a line. “So my car will just follow my finger that is all?”. No! You do not start a battle versus your opponent right away, it is more strategic. Draw the line after you put your finger away and the car starts to move. While planning your path you will see the trajectory of the enemy. That is where players need to think fast to react and coordinate their moving direction well so he or she rammed right into their opponent. Best hits are when you T-bone your opponent, but it is not so easy to do. They change their direction every time after a miss or a weak hit. Oh, we forgot to tell you cars have health and strength. More health equals harder to smash you in one batter, more strength means that a well planned hit could destroy another fighter in one blow. You could say it is a car fighting simulator in a way.

A little bit more information about what is going on inside our game. After each battle you will be given a reward, in-game currency. You can even triple your reward! What for? Remember the “health and strength” thing? Yep. It will allow you to improve your car stats. Tricky bosses. For example, how would you ram into it if you do not see how it is planning its own path? Or an overstated boss who cannot be destroyed in one go? And we bet you thought that a single good smash will always do it.

Why is our game cool?
· 3D graphics that will give you even more satisfaction when you are winning versus your opponent
· Fun with a little bit of thinking process. But do not worry, it will become intuitive in a few tries.
· Upgrade system that will help you to keep up with opponents
· Unique for car destroying simulator gameplay. Not everywhere you get to think before you smash!
· Easy way to ease your urge of winning and ram into something!

If you want to have an easy break from a rough day and feel like you need to destroy something. Ram Cars free app is here for you. Explosions, smashing into your enemies, outdrawing them! Install our game and enjoy your ride!

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