Quarto Logic Board Game

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Nov 2, 2023
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At the request of many Quoridor users, we have created the Quarto Logic Board Game! Now you have the opportunity to arrange a whole competition of two games with friends at a party or family at home!
Did you like the game Quoridor, did you like the logic game Hive (Beehive), or maybe you are a longtime fan of such games as Hnefatafl (Tavlei) or Hoigi (Shogi)? Then you are definitely welcome to us! Logic board game Quarto is what you need for a pleasant pastime and the development of logical and strategic thinking!
Quarto (not to be confused with Quadro, which translates from Italian as a picture) for several years received awards in such categories as “game of the year” and “adult game of the year”. Many people compare it with the game “tic-tac-toe”, someone says that it resembles chess and checkers, someone thinks that it is on a par with the game Hive (beehive) because of its non-standard strategy. In some reviews, among the similar games, Hnefatafl (another name for Tavlei) or Hoigi (Shogi) are also noted. All these games have one thing in common – they are all board logic games that allow you to develop concentration, attentiveness and memory, just like the Quarto Logic Board Game!
We know for sure – the Quarto game makes you think much deeper than you could imagine, develops strategic thinking, logic and imagination! Now you will not limit yourself to thinking about your move – you also need to choose such a piece for your opponent so that he loses irrevocably. No openings and memorized winning strategies – only your logical thinking, because no game is like any other. You can develop your own strategy – take risks and bring your opponent closer to failure or bypass all sharp corners, but the enemy can ruin all plans with one move.
We, as in all our games, guarantee you nice graphics, relaxing music and an exciting pastime. It is up to you to choose whether to play against the computer or with a friend, in any case you will have a great time!

✔️ New and original fun game
✔️ Logic board game – develop your thinking!
✔️ Short parties – Allows you to pass the time in the subway or in line
✔️ Develops intelligence, logical thinking and imagination
✔️ Beautiful graphics and relaxing music
✔️ Full immersion in the game world
✔️ Party game – play with friends
✔️ Family game is a great game for a family evening
✔️ Offline game – you can play even without internet connection
✔️ Free to play – play the popular logic game for free