Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

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Aug 28, 2023
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You work in a company that creates toys and you also like to create different things. But there are some people who are stealing your toys and now you have to move into the mysterious house to look for the stolen toys. In this house there are a lot of dark rooms and you are going to face a lot of dangers and even ghosts in this game.

There are some ghosts that are harmless but some will try to attack you. To fight with them, you have to use your weapons and you can also use the flashlight to look for the toys in different places.

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Poppy playtime is a horror game in which you are going to solve a lot of mysteries. You are an employee from a toy company and you have to look for the toys that are missing from the company. For this purpose, you will enter a mysterious house and from there you have to get all the toys back to the company by fighting with the mafia behind it.

Features of Poppy Playtime APK

Easy to play

In poppy playtime, you just have to control your character and enter the rooms that are coming in front of you. You have to look for the items of your company that are missing.

Enter the mysterious house

There is a mysterious house in this game where you have to enter in order to find the toys. You will also enter a lot of dark rooms. In this game, you will have to go into different places to look for the toys.

Find Toys

There is someone who is stealing the toys from the company. To find the toys, you can open the boxes in the mysterious house and can also follow the instructions on the map.

Fight with Ghosts

In this game, some shadows will appear in front of you, some of them will not harm you but there are some ghosts that will attack you. You can either use the flashlight to make them disappear and can also use the weapons to fight them.

Use various equipment

There are various equipment that the game will provide you. You can use these equipment in the time of emergency. For example, when a ghost attacks you, you can use the weapons or the flashlight.

Unleash Secrets

There are a lot of hidden Secrets in this house and when you will unleash the secrets, you will get a lot of rewards in the form of weapons.

Ask for help

If you find that the ghost will kill you, you can ask for help from the people outside the house and they will come to rescue you.

Free Upgrades

If you want to get free upgrades in this game then you should get the premium version of the poppy play time game.

Free Items

You can also get a lot of items for free in the premium version of this game. These items will help you a lot to fight with the ghost and to get the toys back to the company.

No ads

In the premium version of poppy play time, there will be no unwanted ads to disturb you.

Why do people like Poppy Playtime Premium APK Latest Version 2023?

People like Poppy PlayTime Premium APK because in this version they can get all the items for free. In this way, they can easily defeat the shadows and they will also be able to upgrade their character for free which is very beneficial to unlock the new rooms in the house.

Download Poppy Playtime Premium APK Latest Version 2023

Poppy Playtime Premium APK provides you with a lot of helpful items and you can also unlock the dark rooms by upgrading your character. But in order to get these advantages, you have to pay the subscription charges for the premium version of this app.

Poppy Playtime APK 2023 Download

Poppy Playtime APK 2022 is the latest version of this app in which you can get a lot of new items.

Downloading Poppy Playtime Premium APK

In order to download Poppy Playtime Premium apk, you have to find a link in this article and click on it to start the download. After that, you can go to your mobile download to access this apk file and install it.

Final Verdict

This is a very interesting game in which you will open a lot of dark rooms to get your toys. But if you want to get free items then you should download Poppy PlayTime Premium APK.


Q. How do you upgrade your character in Poppy Playtime?

You can upgrade your character by spending money in Poppy Playtime.

Q. How do you destroy shadows in Poppy Playtime?

You can use the flashlight to destroy shadows in Poppy Playtime.