Playground: Sanbox

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Apr 7, 2024
Apr 18, 2024
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Playground: sandbox, an exciting game in which you can repeat the cruel experiments on Ragdoll. You can do anything here! Blast, throw, build your own world, cut and destroy the stickman, getting points!

It’s just virtual fun, so don’t be afraid of hard collisions and bloody scenes.
So don’t miss the chance to experience something new!

Here you can destroy Ragdoll in several different modes:

๐Ÿ’ฅ ๐Ÿ’‚ Sandbox – build the game the way you want: you can blast, destroy and scatter a variety of stickmen!

๐Ÿงจ โš” “Destroy stickman” – destroy the stickman in various ways: you can explode using grenades or barrels of gasoline, you can shoot using various weapons, and you can hit the stickman against the walls!

โœ‚ โš” “Cut the stickman” – destroy the stickman in flight! But be careful and don’t detonate the bomb!

๐Ÿ’ฅ” Angry Ragdoll ” – Launch ragdolls from a rohtaka and destroy buildings with goblins to win! As in the well-known game!

You can play with unique weapons. The game has explosives with different destructive powers and ways to release energy.

This is the best playground sandbox simulator here you can: Come up with your own unique scenarios and do anything, blow up, shoot various weapons, arrange ragdoll fights, blow up fuel barrels and various grenades, buy new regdolls and ruthlessly destroy them!

Playground: sandbox is a collection of the best of your favorite modes, in Playground: sandbox everyone will find their favorite mode. Kill the regdoll using a variety of methods: rockets, barrels of fuel, grenades, pistols and machine guns!
Cut the regdoll, get points and set records!
Blow up your stories in this sandbox!
Destroy goblins by shooting regdolls with a slingshot!

In the future, we will add the ability to build houses and cars so that you can do anything in Playground: sandbox and your stories will be more ambitious and exciting!