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🌟Pixpic is a realistic AI headshot generator, crafting images with an artistic touch that goes beyond mere headshots.
Feb 1, 2024
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🌟Pixpic is a realistic AI headshot generator, crafting images with an artistic touch that goes beyond mere headshots.

[New FREE Styles Have Released!]
❤️ Capture love in every pixel with Pixpic's FREE Valentine's Day Style. Transform your photos into a love story where every picture speaks the language of romance.

[New Year, New Look, New You!]
🎇 Upgrade your business headshot with Pixpic- professional ai headshot maker. From entrepreneur elegance to artistic flair, choose a career-inspired theme that resonates with your aspirations!

💫Pixpic is an AI-powered portrait generator app, not just a photo editor; it excels at creating highly realistic photographs.

🪐With Pixpic, you can generate professional headshots, a wide variety of portrait styles, ID photos, a sweet selfie or even images requiring elaborate makeup and wardrobe, which would otherwise involve significant expenses at a traditional photography studio.

🎉Pixpic is on a mission to be your preferred AI photography companion. Using it is as simple as selecting your favorite photo style, uploading your own pictures, and waiting for remarkably lifelike results. No need for manual photo editing; Pixpic harnesses the power of Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to enhance, capture snapshots, or create headshots that perfectly match your preferences.

✨Pixpic creates stunning photos for sharing on Social Media.
You can choose dazzling, glamorous, pink Barbie 🎀 or high-tech styles to make unique photographs. Pixpic utilizes the underlying logic of Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to flawlessly fulfill your requirements for Studio-quality photos.

💻Pixpic makes professional portraits for the workplace.
With Pixpic, you can easily get polished and visually appealing portrait photographs that can be used in various professional contexts, for example, in your resume, on your company website, on your LinkedIn profile, etc.

🎓Pixpic generates memorable graduation pictures.
Pixpic excels at creating graduation photos that leave a lasting impact. With its advanced AI-based features, it captures the essence of this milestone, preserving cherished memories in every shot.

⛷Pixpic captures images of a healthy lifestyle.
Pixpic can also create images that exemplify a healthy lifestyle, encompassing various styles such as outdoor and casual, it portrays the essence of vitality, well-being, and the joy of active living.

👑Pixpic seizes elusive moments.
If you have a keen interest in history and wish to gain a deeper understanding of the lives of ancient people, why not step into their shoes with Pixpic? This innovative tool offers the option to immerse yourself in either the grandeur of the Empire style or the captivating allure of Oriental Charm.

🚀Generation speed: There is no difference in speed between us and the current leading AI photo generation tools. Machine analysis and learning will take some time, but when you finally see the photos, Pixpic believes that the waiting time is worth it.

🔒Privacy Policy: We respect everyone's privacy, you are the owner of your photos, we just help you become a better version of yourself.

Other AI selfie maker recommendations include EPIK, Remini, Imagine, AI Mirror, Wonder, Lensa, Picsart. Notably, Pixpic specializes in AI-generated studio-quality photos, omitting animation and other features for the time being. We believe that by maintaining a dedicated focus, we can attain the highest levels of achievement and provide superior service to our loyal users.

Pixpic team is still constantly developing different styles. If you also have a photo style you want to generate, you can give us feedback here: customer_service@wondershare.com

Come join our amazing community and let's have a blast together!
Click the link to join the fun: https://discord.gg/pwCXsznPkw

What's new

New Valentine's Day style and free trial feature added. Generate your AI exclusive headshot now.

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