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Aug 30, 2012
May 9, 2024
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Photo Editor & Collage Maker – Effects & Filters

Unleash your creativity with our versatile Photo Editor & Collage Maker. Whether you want to enhance your photos, create stunning collages, or add captivating effects and filters, this app has you covered. With a comprehensive set of features and a user-friendly interface, you can transform your images into works of art effortlessly.

Key Features:

Collage Maker: Craft beautiful collages by combining multiple photos.
Effects and Filters: Apply a wide range of effects and filters to give your photos a unique touch.
Image Editor: Enhance and retouch your images with professional-grade editing tools.
Stylish Text: Add elegant text to your photos, creating personalized masterpieces.
HD Photo Editor: Elevate your photos to a new level with high-definition editing.
Blur Photo Editor: Create artistic blur effects with ease.
Layout: Experiment with different layouts to create visually striking compositions.
Free Frames: Choose from a variety of frames to embellish your photos.
Two Pictures in One: Merge two photos to create stunning before and after montages.
Grid Maker: Arrange your photos in eye-catching grids.
Add Photo on Photo: Overlay one photo onto another for creative effects.
Border: Add frames and borders to your photos.
Text: Personalize your images with text and captions.
Professional Photo Editor: Edit your photos like a pro.
Picture Collage: Craft artistic collages effortlessly.
Vintage Photo Editor: Give your photos a charming, vintage look.
Crop Photo Editor: Crop and resize your photos precisely.
Selfie Editor: Enhance your selfies with ease.
Pic Collage Maker: Create beautiful pic collages in no time.
PIP Collage Photo Editor: Enjoy the creative power of picture-in-picture collages.
Photo Frame: Frame your photos for a polished finish.
Join Photos Together: Seamlessly merge photos to create stunning compositions.
Grain Effect Photo Editor: Add unique grain effects to your images.
Photo Grid Collage Maker: Make grid-style collages effortlessly.
Fix Pictures: Correct imperfections and enhance your photos.
Montage Photo: Combine photos for striking visual stories.
Clip Art Maker: Add clip art and stickers to your photos.
Photo Filters: Apply filters to achieve the perfect mood and tone.
Multi Photo Editor: Edit multiple photos at once.
Photo Maker: Craft photos with ease and creativity.
Merge Photos Together: Seamlessly blend photos for a unique look.
Make Backgrounds: Customize backgrounds to suit your vision.
Photo Effects: Apply captivating effects to make your photos pop.
Insta Collage Maker: Create collages perfect for your social media posts.
Collage Editor: Edit collages with precision.
Collage Templates: Use pre-designed templates for quick and stunning collages.
Photo Editor Pro: A comprehensive and professional photo editing experience.
Download Photo Editor & Collage Maker now to transform your photos and create captivating visual stories. Your creative journey begins here.

What's new

+ Defect fixing and functionality improvements.