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Jan 20, 2022
May 7, 2024
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The parking industry uses outdated solutions to provide users access to parking lots. This results in unnecessary inconvenience in the form of waiting in lines to pay for tickets, waiting in queues when there is an issue exiting and lengthy waits when there is an issue with payment. Not only is the current ticketing system clunky and outdated but it is not sustainable.

Parket is committed to providing its users seamless automated access to parking lots as well as making payment as easy as possible.

Get Automated Access
With our licence plate reader all you have to do is load your licence plate onto your account via the app and our advanced imaging technology will automatically open for your vehicle when you approach the entry or exit boom.

Scan For Access
If the parking lot does not have licence plate recognition installed you can scan a QR code at the entry boom of the parking lot to gain access. No more tickets needed, just the power of your phone.

Automatic Payments
Load a card onto your account via the app. This card will allow you to make automatic payments when you exit the parking lot.

Cheaper Parking
Not only is our solution more seamless but it is cheaper for everyone involved as our system requires less hardware, which means we can offer cheaper parking compared to other parking lots, especially in and around Cape Town's CBD.

Park As Long As You Want
Need to park your car somewhere long term or need to make use of a parking lot on a daily basis but don't want to pay hourly rates that cost an arm and a leg? We offer the ability to book parking in advance at much lower rates. You can reserve a bay on a daily or monthly basis as you need.

Hourly Parking
Only need to park for an hour or two? Get access to any parking lot by scanning the QR code. Once inside you will be able to track your parking session via the app. We give you a detailed breakdown of how long you've stayed and the upcoming rates for the next hours. No longer will you need to keep track of where your ticket is!

Full Customer Support
If ever you need assistance, have questions or just want to give your feedback, Parket gives you the ability to get in touch with our support team directly via the app. This is part of our commitment to making parking for you as seamless as possible.

What's new

- Ability to view and make credit purchases
- Performance and optimisation improvements