OWRC: Open World Racing Cars

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Released on
Aug 14, 2022
May 22, 2024
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Open world car game powered by real driving physics simulation and drifting mechanics! High graphics will immerse you in the world of true street racing. Race through a vast 10 x 10 km island, skillfully avoiding traffic cars, or participate in challenging open world racing events against renowned street racers from around the globe.

In this realistic open world car game you’ll have the chance of driving the most expensive and fastest cars ever built. Begin with a simple car and work your way up the ranks. Once you reach the top rank of the open world racing championship, you’ll be able to drift the fastest car, worth millions of dollars.

Welcome to the adrenaline fueled open world car game OWRC powered by high graphics and physics! Asphalt burns beneath your tires, and every curve is a driving challenge waiting to be conquered. As a street racer, you’ll immerse yourself in a high-octane simulation where speed, skill, and strategy collide.

Game features:
• Realistic racing simulation
• Exciting car driving mechanics
• Traffic filled roads
• Vast 10 x 10 km open world for racing
• Stunning high graphics­
• Plenty of open world racing events
• Diverse range of cars
• Gamepad support
• Play OWRC offline
…and much more!

Open world car game set on Hawaii Island. Picture a vast 10 x 10 km open world the sun kissed beaches, lush rainforests, and winding mountain roads of Hawaii Island. It’s your playground, your proving ground, and your battleground. Navigate through bustling city streets, rural highways, and hidden shortcuts. The traffic filled roads pulse with life as you weave between everyday commuters and fellow racers. Open world racing island awaits!

Realistic racing simulation. OWRC isn’t just a game; it’s a simulator. Feel the weight of each car as it hugs the road. Sense the physics, the grip, the drift, the acceleration as you push your limits. Master the art of cornering, braking, and drafting.

Stunning graphics and immersive sound! OWRC boasts PC level high graphics that blur the line between game and reality. Sunshine paints the sky and exhaust flames dance. The engine roars the symphony of horsepower and adrenaline. Your heart races as you hit top speeds, tires screeching in protest.

Capture the moments! OWRC encourages you to be more than a racer. Use the in-game camera mode to freeze those heart-stopping moments: a perfect drift, a near-miss collision, or a victory leap. Share your snapshots with the world using the hashtag #OWRC. Let your friends and rivals witness your prowess.

Get behind the wheel, street racer. Hawaii Island awaits its roads, its challenges, and its glory. Will you rise to the top?

Safety Reminder!
As exhilarating as OWRC is, remember that it’s a game. In real life, always drive safely and buckle up. The virtual roads may be wild, but reality demands caution.