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OmniDream Games
May 12, 2024
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Log in to the game to receive 999×3 free summons as a gift from the Valkyrie!

Omniheroes, fantasy casual strategy RPG with heroes
Dear Omniguards, our world is waiting for its saviors! Venture into the darkness, rescue captive Valkyries from the clutches of demons, and together fight the evil that threatens the world!
Summon legendary heroes, unlock synergies, and choose from hundreds of team compositions that are right for you! Enjoy strategic battles with players from all over the world and earn idle rewards without doing anything!

【Game Features】
War Strategies
Guild Domination
The gates of eternity are open! Explore a new continent and gameplay elements. Meet new heroes on the continent of Iteron and help the Valkyries recover lost artifacts. Write your own unique adventure story into Iteron's Tome.

Explore maps and complete challenges
Season 0 is out now! Feel the power of the Eternal Ritual, develop a strategy, receive additional team boosts, crush your opponents and take on new challenges!

Collect 100+ legendary heroes
Marvel as over 100 adorable yet powerful Valkyries, designed and modeled by top graphic artists, display their impressive skills in stylish 2D designs.

Tons of synergies for a versatile squad
Many synergies will allow you to realize your strategic genius! Over 100 team composition options and powerful combat boosts that can be combined! With a flick of the wrist, turn problems into advantages and defeat your enemies with one blow!

Become a champion in the global PvP arena
Gather your invincible team, think over a flexible strategy and fight with players from all over the world in brutal battles in the Arena. Plunge into the world of wise and strong heroes and knock your name to the top of the rankings, dominating your opponents!

Get endless guild resources
Team up in guilds with Omniguards from all over the world and challenge bosses! Want more interactivity? Try your luck with random chests and get a mountain of goodies to power up. Fortune will certainly smile on you!

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