Naruto SlugfestX

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Mar 2, 2023
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Naruto:SlugfestX, Naruto official authorized 3D ARPG game, is officially launched!

Naruto Uzumaki, since his childhood there is a tailed beast sealed in his body which made him become one of the tailed beast hosts. He met Sasuke Uchiha, who become his best friend but also a rival at the same time. They both have the same goal, but the way they do to achieve that goal is very different. What will happen in their journey?

[Official Version, Based On Original Anime]
Licensed by the official “Naruto” team, the 3D action RPG Naruto SlugfestX is the same as the anime version. The game is recreating the anime scene of the big open world and can make the player enjoy the original storyline!

[3D Open World, Explore The Land of Ninjas! ]
4K ultra-high-precision of anime 3D open-world scenes! Use ninjutsu to move at an extremely fast speed. The player can open a large number of levels and follow the interesting plots. Easy to play and you can travel around the world with only your finger!

[Fair PVP, Customize Your Team Formation]
PvP battle is one of the most important modes of the game. In PvP battle, players don’t need to worry about the moving battle but focus on strategies such as an attack, defense, and dodge. Players can experience real ninja skills. There are a lot of ninjas that players can choose freely to build their own strongest formation. The game will allow you to combine ninjas to create the ultimate skill combination that only belongs to you by switching between ninjas during the battle!

[Build Your Clan, Fight With Team]
Thousand of players will fight together on one screen! Build your clan and strengthen it. Seize the land and make your clan the strongest!

[Upgrade Easily, Collect All Ninjas]
All the ninjas of Naruto anime are here! Get the powerful ninja, sharpen his skills and you will become the top player in the game! Join the all-new story and create your future!