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Mar 15, 2024
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MU Classic officially licensed from WEBZEN.
An epic magic mobile game in the MMORPG genre published by Happy Time.
The game restores the classic PC mode of MU games.
Level up quickly, high drop rate, classic set with super cool skins like light equipment, angel wings, etc.
There's also a new special mode – Golden Eggs has arrived.
Return to the land of the brave Hunt for golden eggs together with former comrades-in-arms. Let's repel the Demon Lord!

[Game Features]
Bring back the classics Drop a full set of gods.
The game will upgrade and restore the original PC game maps.
Play classic mode more smoothly!
Classic dungeons such as Blood Castle, Demon Square, etc. are back.
Freely explore this vast magical world.
Then grab lots of treasure and go back!

Sparkling light, seeking the highest status
Shining Armor, Wings of Light
Special MU aesthetics are back again!
Forge and level up superior sets. In addition to getting the highest status
They will also get different lighting effects.
Pair it with a great riding animal with big wings.
It will make you look amazing like no other.

Golden Egg Fusion Summon the Magic Dragon
Go hunting in the forest and collect all 7 golden eggs.
Fusion is a divine dragon egg. Summon powerful bosses instantly!
Hunt down bosses exclusive to you.
There is a chance to receive a rare set. Blessing gems and other rewards are worth it!

Give away free rewards, level up quickly
Enter the game and give out a Guardian and 2000 Attribute Points.
along with diamonds Many more gold medals And the limited nickname ""Golden Egg Hunter""!
The game also comes with an intelligent AI system that will help you fight automatically.
Opening a bot will also give you many benefits.
Easily develop high-powered characters!

Warriors gather together to challenge the city of Roland!
Summon friends to create the strongest alliance.
Work together with the best across the server to challenge the city of Roland!
Enter Roland City Then win and make your name in fighting!