MidDreams: AI Art Generator

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Jan 20, 2024
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MidDreams is a free advanced virtual chatbot harnessing cutting-edge, easy-to-use AI model to generate vivid artworks.

No pencils or sketchbook needed, all you need is to text in keywords and wait for the results. Simple as that!

✔️ Create unique avatars with CartoonMe

With MidDreams, you’ll find the easiest way to transform your selfies into awesome virtual versions!

Prepare for a cosplay party where you’ll become a Disney character, an anime-inspired person, a cool futuristic girl in glitched world, or any person your imagination wants.

Feel free to go back to childhood or fast forward to your future self as the happiest bride/ groom or a charismatic grandma/ grandpa.

Just upload your selfie, a whole new profile pic that’s so you is just one tap away!

✔️ Latest generative models

Our Basic model is a great choice to jumpstart your creativity. Make sure you have a visual concept in mind, then a right set of keywords for text prompt will do the trick!

To dive more into the virtual dream world, try MidDreams! Its top-tier generative power promises to bring your artworks to the next level. More lifelike, polished and striking images are awaiting!

With MidDreams, you can tailor image settings the way you want.

Choose image ratio
Add styles for more unique look
Customize aesthetic level
Decide how much varied image results will be
Speed up generating time

These changes are the secrets to add high-end finishing touches to the final visual results.

✔️ Get inspired

In case you’ve run out of ideas, no worry!

We have a curation of sample artworks on display. Check out their prompts and start generating. The results will surprise you!

There’s also a library of topics to get inspired.

It’s up to you to edit sample prompts.

✔️ What’s more?

MidDreams also offers other features, including Smart Chat, Speech to Text, Text to Video.

Go Premium to get unlimited artwork creation, make the most of all features, and enjoy a no-ad experience.


MidDreams’ engineers, designers and AI experts have teamed up and drawn on our expertise to build this app, hoping to cater users with the best AI services.

Simply download the app to dive in!