Mech Wars Online Robot Battles

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Jan 21, 2019
Jun 26, 2024
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Mech Wars is a multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time!
Achieve victory by destroying, capturing, and upgrading your mechs to become the most powerful commander in the Mech robots online world. While playing the mech games, it's important to show your strength and proficiency to others in order to win battles.

Create your robot army with robot weapon combinations to fit your game style and join to battles. Capture the enemy base or destroy all rivals.

Create your own team of robots equipped with special weapons and emerge victorious in intense 6v6 battles. Enter the battlefield and fight against other war machines in high-stakes battles for supremacy!

Utilize various tactics, such as jumping on buildings, hiding behind shields, teleport robots behind the enemy's defense, to play in the style that you desire. As you progress, you will also earn daily rewards by leveling up.

Get ready for intense robot action in the game, which features both Assault Mode and Deathmatch Mode! In Assault Mode, players must work together as a team to complete objectives and defeat their enemies. In Deathmatch Mode, it's every robot for themselves as players battle it out for dominance on the battlefield.

Join the Mech Wars universe and experience the thrill of victory as you destroy your enemies and collect valuable mech scraps. With every victory, you'll earn free rewards that will help you become the ultimate mech commander!


– There are over 30 robots available, each with its own unique design and abilities, allowing you to choose a style that suits you.

– Select between deathmatch or assault mode and defeat your opponents using the vast array of weapons available, such as heavy machine guns, missiles, rockets, laser beams, and monster shotguns.

– Customizable mechs and robots: You can customize each robot with a variety of weapons and modules to suit your preferences. Experiment to find your favorite combination and demonstrate your skills.

– Engage in multiplayer battles and team up with others. You can join a strong clan to find reliable partners and make friends, or even create your own clan. Assemble your team of war robots and take on the enemy in high-octane battles using your arsenal of super mechs! The future will be war of robots and mechs.

– Learn about the Mech Wars universe, which continues to grow and evolve with each update. The community is always willing to assist and support you.

– Dive into the team deathmatch battles, where you'll team up with other players and fight for dominance in intense, fast-paced mech combat!

Enter the world of 3D robots in Mech War robot game and engage in epic battles against rival machines using your skills and strategy to emerge victorious!

Power ups

With power-ups, you'll have the advantage in any battle. Deploy the drone assist to provide extra firepower, unleash the missile storm to decimate your enemies, use the shield to protect yourself, and regain health with the extra health power-up. When you need that extra edge, activate the enhanced bullet to increase the damage of your shots. Each one offers unique advantages that will help you emerge victorious in every battle!

Enjoy the excitement of robot shooter gameplay with fully upgradable mechs where you'll engage in intense battles against competing robots in order to prove your dominance!