Mage’s Secret: Monster Merge
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Geeky House
Jan 29, 2024
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Something is going on in a mysterious abandoned house on the edge of the village. You have to get into it and get acquainted with all its inhabitants…

The villagers say that a creepy wizard used to live there, but after the mana explosion that happened many years ago, no one else saw him, and the mansion is considered abandoned.

In your adventure, which will keep you busy for many months of playing, you will have to face a lot of monsters (army of skeletons, mummies, evil eyes minions, mandrakes, cute three-meter demons and many many others!), complete more than 100 tasks of the mysterious magician, and also try to know his MAIN SECRET!

Merge amazing monsters to sacrifice (Use The Magic Cauldron for it) or pit against each other (use another poor monster for it 🙂
With each task completed, your magical power will grow, and with it the size of the playing field!
In your game session you will have to think about every action, because your resources are limited, think about which monsters you want to summon right now and how to place them on the playing field!

Mage's Secret is a unique Idle RPG + Mystery Merge game that combines the mechanics of merging, passive accumulation (Idle gameplay) with the management of received resources (Tactical/Strategy gameplay). Craft something monstrous to the surprise of the Master Mentor. And maybe, he will reveal HIS SECRET!

Our development team wanted to create a game that combines an idle game, a strategy game, a tactical game, a merge game, a mystery game, and even an RPG game mechanics, in one game, and we think that we coped with this challenge perfectly! We added mystery script and chose medieval merge as the setting. YOU WILL HAVE INCREADIBLE FUN brewing potions, fighting zombies, collecting mystery dark wizard puzzle pieces, and summoning necro monsters of all sizes and shapes.

Raise Monsters:
-OVER 70 MONSTERS to summon and merge. A real magician knows that different monsters are the source of different powers: souls, energy, and some are good in battle;
-Use any source for your magical needs: graves, sacred trees, demonic portals and more. -Spawn monsters with a wave of your hand, like a COOL PRO MAGE;
-The potential of your magic is not limited: be careful with legendary monsters.

Explore every corner of the abandoned mansion:
-Learn, master spells and craft potions.
-Clear the rubble in abandoned rooms and get access to new game loops and fun mini-games;
-They say that Mimics are found in the depths of the castle, do not stick your hands in all the chests, it's very dangerous!
-Stick your hands in all chests for great rewards, bonuses and buffs that will help you in your difficult adventure!

Simple merge:
Unique resource management system;
Resources are generated even when you are offline;

Creepy monsters, mystery ambience and enjoyable soundtrack. What else do you need for a good mobile game?

An addition to our game is under development, stay tuned for updates! Thanks to every player who downloaded and played our game, we hope you enjoy it 🙂 With love, development team :*