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iToons Inc.
Aug 9, 2023
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iToons is a webcomics and manga app with tons of captivating, binge-worthy stories for you to discover, and it provides you with the latest American Comics, Japanese Manga , Korean Comics, Chinese Manhua, and all the most popular online webtoon full collections. With tons of enchanting webtoon stories waiting for you, are you ready to dive in?
iToons, a constant supply of comics from all over the world!
With iToons, you can binge-read top trending webcomics to your heart’s content. Each webtoon transports you to a different world. Transcend the moment and discover the fascinations, allure, and intrigue within each of our comic books, all perfect for binging. Our manga library is filled with mystique, wonder, and enchantment; the story you love is waiting for you, anytime, anywhere.

Why Should you Choose iToons?
Wide Spectrum of Genres: Our platform covers all genres of beautifully drawn webcomics – juicy romance, captivating fantasy, thrilling drama, epic action, and many more.
Unlimited Stories: A diverse collection of +3000 full-length webcomics spanning every hit genre, and you can always find webtoons that suit your taste.
Tailored Recommendations: Comics recommended to you are tailored to your needs, and you can enjoy as many comic books as you want. There is also a library in our app for you that keeps tracking your reading progress.
Daily Updates: Comic books are UPDATED DAILY! Never be bored with new addictive plots and new worlds!

Special Offers
Task rewards: complete tasks every day to get rewards, and then use rewards to read comics.
Reading rewards: read books on our platform to get rewards.
Email Subscriptions: subscribe to us, and you can receive rewards from us from time to time.

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