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Dec 26, 2023
Mar 14, 2024
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Discover Insight, the mobile game that will revolutionize the way you get to know your loved ones, friends, or even new encounters. Immerse yourself in the world of interaction, reflection and friendly competition with this innovative game that lets you answer intriguing questions and discover surprising answers.

Main features:

Impostor mode: everyone gets the same question, except one person. It's up to you to unmask the impostor!

Classic mode: You're the master of the game! You're asked a question, such as "What's X's favorite movie?", and you wait for the other players to answer. It's up to you to choose the best answer from among those provided. Earn points by selecting the most convincing answer, and move up the leaderboard.

Spicy mode: Add some fun to your parties with this mode specially designed for groups. The questions are more fun and suited to crazier answers. Uncover buried secrets, share hilarious anecdotes, and swap the latest gossip to spice up your conversations.

Deep Mode: Dive into deep thinking and explore philosophical and existential questions. This mode is perfect for those who like to reflect and share their views with other curious minds.

Fill the Gap mode: Express your creativity by completing fill-in-the-blank sentences in a humorous or dubious way. Share your creations and react to other players' answers.

Leaderboards and Competition: Climb the leaderboards by earning points in each game mode. Compete against other players to see who has the best Q&A skills.

Endless experience: Our database of questions is constantly updated, ensuring that you'll never tire of playing Insight. What's more, new game modes and features are added regularly to keep the experience fresh.

**Download Insight today and immerse yourself in the challenging world of trivia! Test your knowledge, show off your creativity and prove you're the best. Whether you're playing with strangers or friends, Insight promises hours of entertainment.

Ready for the challenge? Download Insight now and join the worldwide community of players !