Infinity Square

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Released on
May 30, 2023
May 23, 2024
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Bad humans have invaded the peaceful monster forest! As the leader of the clan, your mission is to lead your clan to develop and grow and survive in this monster forest. Start your adventure bravely and bring peace to the monster forest!
Dark forces threaten the fate of the monster world, join the fight against darkness! Summon a mighty team of heroes to create your own dream team of legendary warriors. Recruit snails, chickens and other monsters in the jungle with items, upgrade your slime skills and unlock more items to slay evil knights and warriors.
The auto-battle system with idle click gameplay allows you to continuously earn more rewards to improve your attack power, health, resilience, attack speed, and experience gain, slime, make your adventure easier.

RPG adventure battle
– Don't let any humans survive: Defeat all humans and crush their stuff.
– It's time for revenge: Become a villain and attack human villages, loot carts full of gold and make them your loyal minions.
– Mining time: Mining stone and finding valuable treasure.
– Smash enemies, defeat bosses, earn gold and loot with your clicker hero!

Strategy & Progression RPG
– Idle RPG online game in an exciting fantasy adventure!
– Level up your monsters for fighting games.
– Merge and customize your hero slime the way you want.
– Power up your slimes with swords, armor, and weapons to gain an edge in battle.
– Set your battle strategy by combining attackers, weapons and monster controls. Get ready for battle!

Idle Auto Battle
– Set up your hero squad and they will automatically fight for you!
– Get rewards even offline in idle click games.
– Easily win strategic battles that make enjoying the adventure simple.
– Tap game mechanics that let you pick, power up, and send your brave slime with a single tap of the screen.

Endless fun game
– Collect and summon companion monsters to help you defeat the Boss.
– Level up your favorite heroes in this idle RPG.
– Upgrade your monsters infinitely and unlock powerful skills.
– Countless game levels for endless fun: Fight in PvP battles, upgrade slime, unlock new items and more.

If you are a lover of RPG and idle clicker games, then don't miss this Infinity Square. Enjoy idle adventure time!