FaceSwap: Aging & Cartoon Me

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Mar 17, 2017
Apr 26, 2024
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Discover a new you with "FaceSwap: Aging & Cartoon Me," the ultimate app that harnesses advanced AI to transform your facial features in fun and surprising ways. Whether you're curious about your aging process or want to see yourself in cartoon form, our app offers a wide range of features tailored to explore and play with your digital identity.

Experience a Suite of Transformation Tools:

• Age Detection & Transformation: Use our age calculator, age detector camera, and aging app functionalities to see yourself grow older or younger in seconds. Our age filters and aging booth technology provide a realistic glimpse into your future or past self.

• Celebrity Twin Analyzer: Find out which celebrity you resemble with our AI face swap and celebrity look-alike features. It's fun to see your famous doppelgänger!

• Attractiveness Insights: How attractive are you? Engage with our attractiveness test, pretty scale test, and beauty scale to get a sense of how others might perceive your attractiveness.

• Cultural and Ethnic Identities: Discover how you would appear as part of different cultures with our ethnicity analyzer and see yourself in various professional and traditional attires with our culture, country, and ethnicity finder.

• Professional Imagery: Generate perfect headshots with our AI headshot generator, ideal for professional profiles.

• Deepfake Videos: Create images with our deepfake technology, offering a whole new level of face morphing & styling.

• Face Illusions and Morphing: Explore face illusions and face morph capabilities to alter your visage in creative ways.

• Photo Frames and Effects: Frame your photos instantly with quick photo frames, including thematic ones like prison, jail or wanted photo frames, adding a layer of fun or drama.

• Gender Transformation: Experiment with a different gender using our gender swap feature to see yourself in a new light.

"FaceSwap: Aging & Cartoon Me" not only provides tools for personal exploration but also enriches your social interactions by allowing you to share your fascinating creations. Whether you're assessing your beauty, morphing into a cartoon, or exploring a global festival look, this app brings your digital explorations to life. Dive into the endless possibilities and let your creativity soar!

What's new

1. Localization for Multiple Languages: Enjoy our app in various languages for a personalized experience.
2. Introducing In-App Purchases: Unlock additional features and enhancements within the app.
3. Improved Accuracy: Enhanced precision for the "How Old," "Oldify," and "Beauty Meter" features.
4. New Feature: Discover the magic of visual perception with our new Illusion AI feature.