Hidden Escape Mysteries

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Vincell Studios
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Sep 18, 2019
Jun 6, 2024
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Dive into thrilling adventures, don the detective hat, or discover lost secrets with this free escape room-style game!

Can’t get enough of hidden escape adventures? Always itching to solve a mystery or a puzzle? Then indulge in these meticulously crafted and illustrated stories wherein anything is possible. Go on spy missions, unearth ancient relics or time travel to the past. Unravel mysteries and decode puzzles that will pave way for unexpected twists. Whether solving cases, saving lives, or stopping a crime, get a taste of it all in the Hidden Escape Mysteries.

✔️Play Challenging Puzzles
✔️Meet Complex Characters
✔️Explore Engaging Storylines
✔️Try out Exciting Mini-games
✔️Experience Stunning Art
✔️Choose from Unique Mysteries
✔️Go on Incredible Adventures
✔️Now available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, & Russian

Try out from our mysteries and other stories collection:

Hidden Escape: Lost Temple
A fantasy adventure game inspired by Indian mythology. The daring archeologists who risk it all to find the lost scepter of the mighty Sheshnaag. Along the way, they face unprecedented challenges, battle with unexpected entities, and make unbelievable discoveries. Explore a forgotten temple and decipher ancient texts to unleash the ultimate power!

The Puzzler Edition
This is a spin-off edition for the fans of Escape Games – Lost Temple. It features a crossover of characters from other popular titles. Try out the mind-boggling puzzles as the characters race against time to save the world from falling into chaos!

Hidden Escape: Spy Agent
Go on an undercover spy mission with an amateur agent who must save the world from being nuked by a ruthless dictator. Explore a ravaged land that’s on the brink of a revolution. Solve complex codes, break out of a prison, and rescue an ally to stop the dictator from starting World War 3!

Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery
An award-winning whodunit story where contestants must fall in love on a Reality TV show. However, the killer strikes before the cupid does. As the amateur detectives bond over the tragedy, they investigate the case and discover shocking secrets about everyone. Now they must catch the murderer before they are the targets.

More new mysteries and other titles are to be added soon!

Dive in and start your escape games journey. Choose your adventure and unravel the mystery. Download now: Hidden Escape Mysteries.

About Vincell Studios:
Vincell Studios is an indie mobile gaming studio that houses a team of seriously talented artists, designers, animators, and developers. Everyone at heart is a hardcore gamer with a goal to create unique and exciting hidden objects puzzle escape games that draw in players from every milieu and across age groups. Our passion for adventure and mystery escape games speaks through the compelling storylines, fascinating visuals, and extraordinary puzzles that we labor over and create.

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