Gingerbread Cooking and Bake

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Jun 12, 2023
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Come and see for yourself how this cooking game is going to give you a great time spent together with us and even better experience as a virtual baker. This time you will find out the required ingredients for the gingerbread cookies and also the steps that must be accomplished for this recipe to work. That flavored gingerbread cookie will be build during four main phases: purchasing the needed items, cleaning the kitchen, cooking the sweets and in the end decorating them. So, take a basket and put in all the required ingredients for your recipe. Find the items from the shopping list, pay for them and come back to the kitchen where another challenge awaits. Here you will prepare the place to be a proper environment for a good baking. Perform cleaning activities and make sure that each part of the kitchen will be washed. The floor is a mess and you must collect the garbage as well as the wet spots. There is spider web spread all over and the windows and the fridge are full of dirt. Next, you will use the purchased items and follow the steps to make the dough for the cookies. Combine ingredients and mix them together and don’t forget one ingredient from the recipe because it could ruin your bake. Use the special shapes and get the cookies done. Now you only have to decorate them with thematic details. Find your inspiration and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Try to enjoy them during the game and spot them here in case you want to take a quick look:
– Differently flavored cookies to experience
– Interesting gameplay and recipe to follow
– Cool decorating items and colorful details to add
– New abilities to develop and the possibility to learn how to shop, clean, cook and decorate
– Creating a delicious eye-catching table with goodies
– Shop and be responsible for paying your items at the cashier
– Become a cleaner and a good baker in the kitchen
– Cheerful background sounds along with a nice interface