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May 21, 2024
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About This App:

GeoBallistics is a mobile app available for android devices and is compatible with Vortex Razor HD 4000 GB and Impact 4000 devices. The app allows users the freedom to build and create unlimited rifle profiles, connect with weather-hardware for onsite atmospherics, build/save/export satellite imagery range cards, and more.

Key App Features:

• Online Rifle Backup (PRO version)
• Online Range Card Backup (PRO version)
• Match Downloads (PRO version)
• Shooting Range Downloads (PRO version)
• Movers Calculator
• First Ever Holdover calculator
• Advanced Ballistics Solver
• Comprehensive Bullet Library
• Online weather access with station pressure
• Free WeatherFlow hardware compatibility
• Kestrel LiNK hardware compatibility (PRO version)
• Shot-angle calculator
• Shot-bearing calculator
• Unlimited Rifle Profiles (PRO version)
• Ability to save charts to camera roll (PRO version)
• Ability to export charts as .csv (PRO version)
• Ability to save/load satellite range cards for later use (PRO version)
• Muzzle Velocity Truing
• Coriolis effect auto-calculated with position and latitude

The GeoBallistics mobile app is powered by the BallisticsARC (Ballistics, Atmospherics, and Range Card) solver, and combines the functionality of a ballistics calculator, an atmospheric device, and a GPS rangefinder into one application.

The BallisticsARC solver is an advanced 3 DOF solver with provisions for MV vs Temp, Coriolis, spin drift, crosswind jump, moving targets, multiple targets with unique azimuths and angles and much more.

GeoBallistics includes 4 modes: HUD Mode, Chart Mode, Map Mode, and Comp Mode. All modes are accessible with 1 custom rifle. In order to add additional rifles and save/export range cards, use Kestrel devices, or backup data online, you must upgrade to the PRO version for a one-time fee.

HUD Mode puts everything you need on one screen for a single target. This is also where the moving target feature and max ordinate display is located.

Chart Mode is a traditional calculator that allows for a complete solution. Solutions include considerations for gyroscopic drift, Coriolis effect, wind influence, shot angle, atmospheric conditions, and more. Chart Mode also allows FREE integration of the WeatherFlow products.

Map Mode allows users to range targets by dropping pins on satellite imagery of a shooting location. Range and solution are displayed by tapping on the target pins. Map Mode also introduces external ballistic data overlays on satellite imagery. These overlays display a bullet's performance along its path according to parameters specified for each rifle profile.

Comp Mode allows the user to enter a course of fire with multiple targets with unique variables such as shot angle and shot azimuth. Now features the Holdover Data Zero setting (HDZ) calculator. This is a first-in-class feature that allows you to easily set an optimal zero for holdover stages.