Game Booster Pro: Turbo Mode

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Sep 1, 2019
Apr 13, 2024
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📈 Game Launcher & Analyzer
Start your games from the launcher, don't waste time searching for games.

🎮 Observe the FPS values
For mobile games, FPS refers to how many frames per second the game provides. Higher FPS makes the game run smoother and faster.
For example, 60 FPS means the game provides 60 frames per second. This makes the game's movements smoother, reactions faster, and the gaming experience more enjoyable.
With the FPS panel, you can monitor the FPS values of the games and obtain important data about the game performance of your device (It may not work in all games). Thus, you can understand whether the stuttering you experience in your games is due to FPS. This feature does not provide additional performance to your device.

🎯 Game preparation
When we play games, sometimes small details can be overlooked. A few critical data related to the battery can cause the game to be interrupted. Before you start the game, we made it easy for you to understand that your device is game ready.

🎮 Smart DNS switcher
Tests many different DNS servers, connecting to DNS with the least latency.

Why do we use VPN Service?
This app also functions as a smart DNS changer. Thanks to this setting, we can test many DNS servers instantly with one touch. Considering the ping times in the test results, we provide the DNS connection. For this service to work properly, we need to use VPN Service.

📈 Ping Analyzer
Lower ping values allow the player to interact with the game server faster and more smoothly, resulting in less lag, lag or interruptions. A lower ping time helps gamers react faster and make their gaming experience more fluid.
By using this feature, you can easily tell if there is a problem with your internet connection. Its main purpose is to measure the latency of your internet connection in ms. It does not provide additional performance.

Important Note: While this application basically provides a game launcher, it aims to make the player's job easier with its additional features. It cannot improve the performance of your device and does not declare it. However, with its additional features, it can help you understand the source of the performance problems you are experiencing in games. Thus, it can make it easier for you to produce your own solutions.