Elves Clash : Battle Simulator

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Red Comet Studio
Released on
Mar 11, 2023
Apr 13, 2024
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Form your strategies, choose your troops and place them wisely on the battlefield!

Recruit fighters and warriors from many different ages throughout history to your army including Archers, Infantry, Cavalry, Ballistas, Catapult and many, many more before sending them into battle. Each and every battle gives you the chance to win gold and historic glory!

In Battle Simulator : Warfare, each unit fights differently and comes with their own unique abilities – no battle is ever the same as you upgrade, customise, and build your army to take on challenging fights across the ages!

Players can challenge more levels and map content, and lead your army of knights for more exciting battles. In addition to richer challenges, more units have been added. Each unit has different characteristics, and players can freely form an army. The game screen is simple, the operation is simple, and the gameplay is interesting. Come and fight!

Tactical Battle Simulator is a epic battle simulator with unique units to fight with! Command your army carefully and slay your enemies in epic royale battles! Some units have special skills, like knocking enemies back or exploding shots. Create your own strategy and slash your foes, only the strong commanders survive.

The most adorable battle simulator is coming!
If you’re looking for battle games or war games, you won’t miss this!
Totally accurate battle simulator in elvish world! Maybe one of the best games of the week! Elves Clash – Battle Simulator!

Here, you can control a variety of imperial soldiers to perform an epic war!
Build and train your troops, and then design the best formations to defeat your enemies!