EditAI: AI Photo Editor

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Edit App: AI Photo Editor
Released on
Oct 10, 2023
Feb 25, 2024
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Fun AI Avatars, Photo Editor

EditApp AI is the simplest photo editing app.

Just take a photo, and describe anything you would like to see come to life.

AI Selfie

Transcend reality with a simple selfie. Simply upload a photo of yourself, type in any situation or setting, and watch as you’re placed in a lifelike AI-generated photo. Choose from Realistic, Anime or Artistic art styles.

AI Select

Introduce unexpected elements into your shots. Whether it’s a UFO making an appearance in your backyard, a loveable puppy playing at your feet, or a selfie with your favourite influencer, make every photo a story worth telling.

Background Swap

Change your scenery in a snap. Breakfast on the Moon? A selfie on top of the Pyramids of Giza? Transport yourself into your favourite video game? Your backdrops are only limited by your imagination.


Ever wanted to see beyond the frame? Zoom out from your photo and let AI seamlessly fill in the blanks, giving you a broader perspective of your photo’s surroundings.

AI Paint

Want a wardrobe change? Paint your casual tee and morph into a flowing pretty dress or a dashing tuxedo. Maybe try on a new hairstyle, or see how you’d look like with a beard. It’s entirely under your control.

Showcase Your Vision

Explore and showcase your art and let the world witness your creativity. Publish your AI-generated masterpieces directly to your profile and public feed.

EditApp AI isn’t just another photo editor, it’s where your wildest imaginations turn into reality.