Durak: Classic & Transferable

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Mar 14, 2024
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The card game "Durak" ("Fool", "Dumb") perhaps one of the most popular and widespread card games in the former Soviet Union. In this realization of this game, you can play "Durak" ("Fool") without internet, offline, with a deck of 24, 36 or 52 cards.

"Durak" ("Fool") exists in two main variants: "Fool flip" (Durak podkidnoy) and "Fool transferable" (Durak Perevodnoy). The rules of the game in both cases are similar in some aspects, but have their own nuances.

The goal of the game – as quickly as possible to get rid of their cards. Whoever does it first becomes the winner. The last one remains in the "fools" (durak).

Flip Fool (durak podkidnoy) is a classic version of the game. In this mode, when the attacker has nothing to throw to the defending player, the next player sitting on the left hand behind the defender does it. He is only allowed to throw 1 card so far. After it is beaten, the right to throw the card goes back to the player who moved. If the player sitting to the left of the player being beaten has nothing to throw, the opportunity to throw goes to the next player in the clockwise direction. I.e. all players can throw, but in turn. Therefore, this variant of the game is called a "Flip fool" (flip durak, durak perevodnoy) or just "durak classic".

The transferable fool (durak transferable, durak perevodnoy) extends the rules, making the game even more interesting and exciting, as starting from the second move, the defending player can "transfer" thrown under him a card, putting on the table a card of the same rank of another suit. And then the player next to him in a clockwise direction will become the batting player. But he can also "transfer" the cards under the next player and so on. That's why this variant of the game is called "fool transferable" (durak transferable, durak perevodnoy).

Features of the realization of the game:
– Game without internet, offline.
– Beautiful, pleasant graphics, with a large set of "tables", "cards", "shirts" including "satin cards".
– Lots of options to sort your cards.
– Illumination of your cards (can be turned off).
– Deck size 24, 36 or 52 cards.
– The classic rules of "flip"(podkidnoy) and "transfer"(perevodnoy) fool (durak).
– For those who like to get stuck in, there is a mode "Basic", in which you play only against your neighbor on the left. No one else can attack.
– No more than 5 cards are throwed on the first hand
– In "Transferable Fool" (durak perevodnoy), you can't "transfer" the first hand.
– In "Transferable Fool" (durak perevodnoy), if you have a trump card of the same rank as the one you were dealt and you want to cover rather than transfer, then drag your card on top of the card you want to cover.

Strategy and Skill

Playing the cards game "Fool" (Durak) requires strategic thinking and the ability to analyze situations. You will have to decide when it is best to flip a card and when it is best to save it for a better time. You have to be vigilant and watch the actions of other players to guess what cards they have left.

"Fool" (Durak) is one of the most common and favorite card games. It provides a great opportunity to spend time in a fun and exciting way.

Do not miss the chance to try your hand at this interesting card game and enjoy the bright emotions it gives! Play "Fool" (Durak) for free, without internet and improve your skills to win over your opponents.