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Aug 13, 2018
Mar 15, 2024
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DIABETES® by HintSolutions is the most flexible and human app for diabetic diary and FLEXIBLE insulin therapy for type 1 and type 2 sweet people! Despite the huge combination of features, including rare and unique ones, the application is convenient and understandable even for beginners. Created with the participation of doctors and received official recognition in the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.


* Accurate auto-calculations of XE, BJU, insulin doses (including fractional insulin for pens in increments of 0.1 and 0.5 units and pumps)
* Base of 4000 products + the ability to add your own dishes
* Accounting for the body's sensitivity to insulin at different times of the day and physical activity for accurate compensation
* Warnings about exceeding the daily norm of insulin, hypoglycemia, etc.
* Reminders to warm up insulin, take pills, end pauses, control SC after meals, etc.
* Risk control for hypo and hyperglycemia (handy color scale)
* Monitor insulin levels (warnings for overdose protection)
* Export diary for a doctor in .pdf and .xls, sending from the application to any messenger or email
* Prognosis of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
* A wide variety of statistics (glucose variability, XE and B-L-Y eaten, insulin consumption, risk assessment, blood pressure, weight dynamics, glycated hemoglobin)
* No ads!!!
* Close communication with the developer and experienced diabetics (application users) in VK and TG chats

PRO version features:
In addition to all of the above, when subscribing, you get
* Plus more than 9000 products (international product databases (Open Food Facts, USDA, English FatSecret)
* Manage one diary from different phones (Sick – Observant)
* Pump support (Android only)
* Sync with Contour Plus One, OneTouch Select Plus Flex, OneTouch Verio Reflect, Arkray GlucoCard Σ+Link, Satellite Online, Accu-Chek Instant and more.
* Cloud sync


The participation of doctors in the development of the application Diabetes (Diabetes) guarantees you the most professional approach in both static and flexible insulin therapy. The application took 1st place in the competition of Russian diabetes management programs, received recognition from the Ministry of Health and was connected to the diabetes monitoring program as part of the work of the M-Line company.
The application takes into account the individual characteristics of your lifestyle, diet, type of insulin used, insulin sensitivity. With its help, you do not have to independently count BJU, XE and insulin doses several times a day – Diabetes does everything for you!
The application also provides the ability to display data from the diary in .pdf and xls, and then send them to any messenger or email. The application will help you not only maintain your blood glucose level, but also control your nutrition and weight, and it also reminds you of the end of a pause, the need for a glucose control measurement, insulin administration, medication, etc.
The PRO version (monthly subscription) includes auto-reading of pumps and various glucometers, diary management from different devices, database export to the cloud.
Close communication with the developer and users of the application in VK and TG chats will always help out if you find it difficult to manage your insulin therapy!