Devil’s House: Part One

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Artem Goldov
Nov 4, 2023
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Welcome to the terrible and terrible House of the Devil (Devil’s House) Part One, in this game you will have to escape from the Devil, who wears a human form, but he does not always wear it, sometimes, he releases his devilish appearance outside and shows his true essence.

“You need to get out of the house, survive.
“It’s based on a creepy story.
“You can save two girls that the Devil has kidnapped and is keeping in his cave.
– If you have enough courage, then you will be able to destroy the Devil!
– The game is similar to grandma, which is so popular, but has its own mechanics and interesting twists.

This is a really powerful horror game for 2020, I’ve been working on it for a while and I hope you like it! I was inspired by other popular horror games, such as Slender, Grandma, Grandpa, and others.

A creepy story about a creepy Devil will not leave you indifferent and if you can pass it completely, then it will not be a small feat and test your nerves for shakiness!

Have you ever tried to destroy the Devil? No? Then it’s time to try it. In this game you will be able to destroy the Devil, find a secret book, find a secret place and save two girls who were kidnapped by the Devil in this terrible and scary game! Scary, turn off the lights and go through horror 2020!

Scary rooms and sounds will not let your mind rest, this is a really scary and scary game, with a lot of mechanics – you can hide, you can run, you can destroy the demon, you can save the girls, you can get scared, you can find secrets, and I was inspired by my grandmother, thin man and other popular horror games to make it interesting for you to play!

There is no grandparent in this game, but there is a Devil here that is sure to scare and frighten you more than other horror games, try a new horror game that came out in 2020, I hope you like it, try to escape from home, survive and destroy the Devil who decided that no one can stop him, but can you?

I created a unique character, with a unique appearance, this is a unique villain-the Devil, who will not leave you indifferent and he can really scare and sounds and appearance and environment, which is made in this horror game. Install now for free and play! Try out the new horror 2020 game!

There is not much advertising in the game, and I didn’t add much of it on purpose so that it doesn’t distract you from the game. Play! For free! Enjoy the game! Be afraid! And do not forget that the Devil is near and only you can defeat him and leave your fears! Forward to victory over evil!

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