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Feb 13, 2024
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🚀New constellations, tasks and mini-games are already waiting for your kids!

🌎CosmoSea is an educational game about space for 4 year olds, which is perfect for preschool learning. The starry sky, Solar system scope and constellations attract little discoverers with their mystery. The CosmoSea learning app will introduce your child to star space and the surrounding world in a playful and fun way through educational games.
Games for children can be not only entertaining, but it is also one of the best ways for mental development and kids education. CosmoSea is children learning games that contain exciting mini-puzzles and tasks aimed at developing memory, fine motor skills, logic and outlook, increasing mindfulness and imagination, as well as learning about space for kids.
🚀About the CosmoSea kids app:
The CosmoSea kids educational game is a great way to keep your active child busy!
During the first launch of the learning app for kids, the child learns the planet game interface, how to open the atlas of the starry sky or the planetarium section, how to collect stars and exchange them for gifts.
In the Planets section, the kid learning game will show the structure of the Solar system for kids. To find out interesting facts about the planets, the child needs to complete a mini-task that teaches him to analyze, compare, and generalize. Thus, preschool games introduce space for kids and develop their thinking.
In the Constellations section, the kid needs to match the dots into the constellations so that they appear in the starry sky. The preschool learning game is complemented by a short story about the stars in the sky and constellations.

⭐️How to play educational games?
Children's puzzles in the educational game for kids provide the development of intelligence and creative thinking of 4+ year olds. The simple and unobtrusive process of this kids game for boys and girls makes the child development and learning for kids an exciting adventure.
During the fun learning game, children will need to complete mini-games that develop logic: pass labyrinths, determine the fastest animal, do simple mathematical calculations, match the dots and much more.
The CosmoSea educational space games are multi-purpose for learning kids:
🚀speech and mental development
🚀creativity development
🚀new knowledge generation
🚀imagination development

For each successfully completed task of the kids matching game, the child will receive a star reward, which later can be exchanged for surprise gifts.
After accumulating the required number of stars in this educational kids game, planet space coloring pages, cartoon facts and a constellation calculator will become available for boys and girls.

🌎The little kid game features:
⭐️No ads in the educational app for kids.
First of all, kids learning games 4 toddlers should bring joy and benefit to kids and parents.
⭐️No data collection in the games for 4 year olds.
We do not collect or store any user data in the kindergarten learning game. You do not need to register to access the CosmoSea learning games for kids.
⭐️15-minute timer.
After every 15 minutes of activity in the children game, a notification appears that it's time to put your phone down and switch to something else. The child's development should be complete, so we do not welcome using gadgets for a long time.
⭐️Professional voice-over of the learning games for kindergarten.
All lines in this game for little kids are voiced by a professional announcer, which has a good effect on the speech development. The child hears calm, slow speech and learns to speak correctly, which is great for kids preschool learning.
⭐️Multilanguage space game for kids.
The educational game for children is available in Russian and English.

🚀Stars and planets are waiting for your little astronauts. Let's go into space!