Car Crash — Battle Royale

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Oct 6, 2023
May 9, 2024
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An incredibly realistic car destruction simulator is ready to launch! Download now and enjoy the best car сrashing game. Enter a thrilling adrenaline driven world where driving skills and surviving car accidents are key. This game is designed for those who love car racing, excitement, and action. Choose from a wide range of vehicles and let's make some damage to other cars!

Car Crash — Battle Royale offers players amazing realistic car physics of road accidents and special effects. The sound effects of this new car game capture the atmosphere of adrenaline and deadliest traffic in the world of car battles. 2109, 2110, 2115, Priora, Volga, BMW E38, Mercedes w221, Mercedes CLS, BMW M7, Range Rover, Chrysler Limousine. You have a wide variety at your disposal: legendary cars, racing sports cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Immerse yourself in the world of car smashes, where only the best drivers can survive in road accidents and become the kings of crashing games!

Game features:

● Stunning 3D graphics.
● Realistic car deformation physics.
● Convenient car controls for the best driving simulation.
● Various camera modes.
● A large variety of car stunts.

Navigate high-speed roads, tackle bumps, leap off extreme tricks, and inflict maximum damage on other drivers. Use a massive truck to take part in highway crash car race and destroy cars and motorcycles. Or choose a sports car for yourself: 2109, 2110, 2115, Priora, Volga, BMW E38, Mercedes w221, Mercedes CLS, BMW M7, Range Rover, Chrysler Limousine. Maneuver skillfully in the traffic, wait for the right moment to create a car accident, and destroy the competitors' cars. Highway crash car race has never been so realistic. Tune and upgrade parts: the engine, suspension, tires, and body to smash them all!

Become a true driving and car smash professional, endure extreme durability tests, tune and upgrade your car. Gain experience in realistic crash simulator in deadly traffic. The higher the speed, the more destruction! Enjoy a realistic high-speed road accident simulator, collide with other cars, and stay in the race. In this battle royale, only one king must survive!

What's new

* gaming process improved
* minor bugs fixed
* animation improved
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