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Sep 3, 2023
May 7, 2024
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Enter the enchanting world of Bird Kind and join a spirited forest community, working together to restore bird life to this magical domain. Enjoy the relaxing tranquility of the forest while nurturing and collecting birds. From tiny hummingbirds to vibrant parrots, you’ll encounter some of nature's most exquisite birds!

Help a lone tree spirit summon new birds and raise them from adorable hatchlings to majestic birds. By clearing away the overgrowth and enabling sunlight to dapple the forest floor, you'll provide the ideal habitat for birds to flourish. Delight in the thrill of collecting new bird breeds and raising them to adulthood, while uncovering bird facts and learning more about each bird in the relaxing embrace of nature.

Progress from humble beginnings to establish a wondrous forest. Summon new birds by collecting feathers, level up birds by collecting gnats, and complete missions and events to earn rewards and new bird breeds for collecting!

Bird Kind is more than just a game – it’s a place to relax, unwind, and connect with nature. Find solace in the relaxing forest ambiance, calm melodies of bird song, and relaxing gameplay. If you enjoy relaxing games, nature games, bird simulators, breeding games, or collecting games, you’ll love Bird Kind!

🔍 Discover nature’s most exquisite bird breeds, each carefully researched and beautifully illustrated.
🐣 Nurture birds from vulnerable hatchlings to majestic adult birds.
🌿 Enjoy collecting nature's most exquisite birds and learn about each breed of bird in your journal.
🌳 Expand your forest sanctuary and adorn it with enchanting decorations.
🎁 Send birds on missions and complete events that bestow valuable rewards for collecting!
🕊️ Find calm in the relaxing gameplay, calm forest ambiance, and delightful bird song.
👆 Use gestures to interact. Drop dew to feed breeding hatchlings, guide birds in collecting gnats, and more!

Developed and published by Runaway, an award-winning studio creating relaxing games inspired by nature.

Please note: This game is free to play but does contain in-app purchases. If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please contact us at

What's new

- Bug fixes and performance improvements