Bam Dash

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Critical Force Ltd.
Nov 24, 2023
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Bam Dash is a mobile-first extraction multiplayer game featuring approachable shooting mechanics. Play a third-person shooter packed with fun and slick shoot-and-move action.

Embark on an exciting adventure where you and your friends play as fearless bounty hunters. Your mission is to track down fantastical creatures, collect coins, and fight a diverse array of enemies. Battle against other teams, each consisting of two players, all sharing the same objective. It’s an adrenaline-fueled experience where the promise of exceptional rewards comes with a risk of losing everything if you linger too long and fail to secure your loot. This game seamlessly blends the thrill of exploration, heart-pounding PvE monster hunts, and intense PvE extraction.

Victory in battles primarily relies on smart strategic thinking rather than pure skill so use the environment and gameplay mechanics to your advantage.

Immerse yourself in a fully 3D environment that grants you the freedom to explore at will. Jump through rooftops, backflip, fly, climb walls, run, dash, and more.

Get ready for an epic showdown and gear up. Splash opponents with your trusty water gun and be on the lookout for other weapons, from fiery blasters to poison shooters and beyond.

Please note that Bam Dash is currently in development. Feel free to send us feedback via the in-game form.

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What's new

● New Blasters: Unleash Water Blaster, Poison Blaster, Triple Shot, Dual Electric, Acid Launcher, and Minigun.
● Two Maps: Explore Cielo Bay and Ilmatar Delta – Accessible one at a time.
● Extraction Mode: Collect coins, survive, and escape.
● Matchmaking: Enjoy region-based matchmaking.
● Lootable Blasters: Find valuable blasters by defeating Chesters.
● Camera Sensitivity: Customize your gameplay experience.
● Bug Fixing: Customize your gameplay experience.