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Apr 24, 2022
May 14, 2024
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== What's "AKAMARU?"

"AKAMARU?" is an app for parents and children, especially babies and toddlers.
Your children will play touching, dragging, memorizing in many different types of the games such as puzzles, mazes.
Our app will take them to the next level to think by themselves.

The games will change daily and play more games available if you sign up for a subscription course.

We will continue to add more games.
Please look forward to it.

== Target ages

1 to 6 years old, boys, girls, babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers

== Features

* Your children are able to learn the concepts of color, shape, number, and size!

Your children can develop cognitive skills such as colors and shapes that small children need to acquire with the colorful popular character "Akamaru" in Japan!
Moreover, they will acquire the ability to think by themselves.

* Simple games your children can play from 1 years old!

The questions are simple.

For example

"Which one is red?"
"Which is a circle?"

All questions and answers are played back in audio, so any children can play the app with listening or reading.
It can be used as a plaything for children which you are busy with housework and other chores.

It can also be used as a tool for communication between parents and children.
For example, a family member reads the questions and the children answer them.

* 60 second games

Each game has a time limit of 60 seconds.
The family and the children can set rules such as "Only one game today" or "Let's finish the game after the next game".

* You can play all of the games after starting the subscription course.

We offer an advanced course of subscription. You will be able to play all the games available in the app.
You can enjoy educational games that will help your child recognize colors, numbers, and shapes, and introduce math.
We also offer a one-week trial period, so please give it a try.

* Drill games

We promote recognition and cognitive development while playing through a total of 75 drills.
Upon clearing each individual drill, you can obtain a reward.

* Multiplayer games

By cooperating or competing with each other, you can naturally improve your communication skills.
Also, you can learn social skills such as understanding rules and following turns.

You can share enjoyable time with your family, siblings, grandparents, etc. Please enjoy playing together.

* You can enjoy the game offline!

After the first download, you can enjoy the game in an offline environment (except for some functions).

* This app originates from a picture book, so children can play it with peace of mind

The "Akamaru" (written by Daisuke Shimizu) is a popular picture book series published by POPLAR Publishing Co.,Ltd.
The series has been widely acclaimed as a series that naturally helps children enhance their abilities to think.

This app comes from the series.

* Subscription plan "More! Akamaru Course"

Subscription plan is now available.
By starting this course, you will be able to play more games per day and play exclusive games.

== Messages from the developers

This app was developed for children who want to develop various cognitive abilities in the future with having fun.
Children can learn concepts such as colors and shapes with the "Akamaru" series of characters, which are also widely used in picture books.

We hope that children will enjoy this application as their first experience.

== Contact

Please feel free to contact us from settings in app or email below.

What's new

- Adding new featured games. You can play the game when it becomes May.
- Minor Updates: We've made some small but important tweaks for a better experience.

Thank you for playing "AKAMARU"
If you have any questions about the app, please feel free to contact us.