Autobot – checking cars by VIN

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Apr 15, 2024
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Universal bot for collecting information about cars from all over the Russian Federation.
⚡Automatic online data collection
⚡ No ads
🚗Check a car by VIN
🚗Check a car on GOSNOMER
🚗 1 minute verification result

Autobot is your personal auto-assistant for a check of a used car. Based on the results of the verification, data are aggregated from the entire boarding school. The main source of verification is the official website of the traffic police of the Russian Federation.

📋 The report contains as open data from the Internet:
✓ general information and history of the machine (make, model, color, year, power, engine size, auto code, equipment)
✓ Ownership history by VIN ru
✓ accident information (including details of damage and repair work)
✓ registration restrictions / arrest / hijacking / drive
✓ Bank pledge / loan / leasing (based on the Federal Notary Chamber, registry of collateral of the Federal Tax Service)
✓ existence of insurance of the policy of OSAGO / CASCO / RIA
✓ checking fines for traffic violations at the bases of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and traffic police of Russia with a photo and payment assistant through at a discount ✓ checking the FSSP database will help to find out car compromise and problem loans, taxes, fines on the owner

📋 The report also includes sources that are not publicly available on the Internet:
✓ TCP verification
✓ taxi use
✓ Auto maintenance card maintenance (inspection and tuning) and mileage for wines
✓ recycling and court orders for cars
✓ availability of feedback by the automaker
✓ Online car pricing and auction registration

📋 Punching phone numbers on anti-bail will help you find ou when buying:
✓ whether the seller is a reseller or is there an outbid in the ownership of the machine
✓ selling price dynamics
✓ Photo and history of the car collected from various sites of Haraba, Drome and others
In connection with the frequent requests of users, I would like to clarify that in our application there are no such functions as a radar detector and an ODB 2 scanner. We also do not check penalties in the auto-database. Most of the information is publicly available on the official website of the traffic police.

– in the application there is no way to pay the state fee, for this you need to contact the nearest MFC registrar or the State Services portal
– the application is designed for cars of all popular brands (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, VAZ, Volkswagen, Kia, Renault, etc.) registered in the Russian traffic police
– the search for information by the number of the body is temporarily impossible, since the state traffic inspectorate does not provide data on them
– the standard payment system from Google is used to pay for purchases in the application

Attention! The application is not an official service of any state structure in Russia, including the traffic police of the Russian Federation. Also, our service is not responsible for the quality and reliability of the data provided. Sources of information in the application can be the following:
– The official website of the traffic police of the Russian Federation https://traffic police.rf/check/auto
– Official website of the FSSP RF
– Official website of the Register of Pledges of the Russian Federation
– Official website of the Customs of the Russian Federation
Additional information about how the application accesses, collects, uses and transfers data can be found in the Privacy Policy in the application menu.

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