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Mar 8, 2017
Jun 1, 2024
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"A harmony of Light awaits you in a lost world of musical Conflict."

In a world of white, and surrounded by “memory”, two girls awaken under glass-filled skies.

Arcaea is a mobile rhythm game for both experienced and new rhythm game players alike, blending novel gameplay, immersive sound, and a powerful story of wonder and heartache. Experience gameplay that reflects the story’s emotions and events—and progress to unlock more of this unfurling narrative.
Challenging trials can be discovered through play, higher difficulties can be unlocked, and a real-time online mode is available to face off against other players.

Arcaea does not require an internet connection for play, and is fully playable both on smartphones and tablets. On install the game includes a large library of free playable songs, and more can be made available by acquiring additional songs and content packs.

– A high difficulty ceiling – experience personal growth as you develop skills in arcade-style progression
– Over 350 songs from more than 200 artists famous across other games
– 3 rhythm difficulty levels for every song
– An expanding music library through regular content updates
– Collaborations with other beloved rhythm games
– Online friends and scoreboards
– Real-time online multiplayer
– A Course Mode that tests endurance through gauntlets of songs
– A rich Main Story that features two protagonist’s perspectives across a powerful journey
– Additional Side and Short Stories of varying styles and perspectives featuring the game’s characters that build upon the world of Arcaea
– A vast array of original characters and guest characters from collaborations to accompany you, level up, and alter your play through many game-changing skills
– Stunning, never-before-seen connections to storylines via gameplay, challenging the very paradigm of play

Two girls find themselves in a colorless world full of memory, and with no memory of themselves. Each alone, they set out into places often beautiful, and just as often dangerous.

Arcaea’s story is interwoven throughout Main, Side, and Short stories which each focus on individual, playable characters. While separate, they all share the same space: the world of Arcaea. Their reactions to it, and its reactions to them, form an ever-shifting narrative of mystery, sorrow, and bliss. As they explore this heavenly place, follow their steps down paths of glass and grief.

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