Alien Survivor:Twisting Blades

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Released on
Nov 16, 2023
Apr 30, 2024
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In the future cosmic era, humanity has expanded into interstellar space, establishing space colonies. However, driven by ambition for resources and expansion, they continuously invade the homelands of alien races, capturing numerous intelligent extraterrestrial beings for research. In human laboratories, these abducted alien life forms face an unknown fate.

But hope is never extinguished. Players will take on the role of a free-willed alien warrior determined to break free from captivity and lead these intelligent life forms to escape human control. Utilizing spinning blades and diverse skills, combined with tactical wisdom, players will engage in intense battles against the humans and other creatures controlling them.

This game is a typical roguelike survival title, where each escape attempt brings a unique experience. Players will face various enemies, as well as randomly generated skills and relics, making each game a fresh challenge.

– Challenge 50 different difficulty levels, each with unique designs and enemy configurations.
– Choose from over 500 different abilities to customize your combat style and strategy.
– Experience 8 unique and distinctive alien characters, each with their own exclusive skills and growth paths.
– Battle against over 50 different enemies with unique combat styles and weaknesses.
– Utilize upgrade systems such as equipment and talents to enhance character abilities, making it easier to overcome challenges.
– Obtain resources and items through various activities and rewards, aiding you in your journey forward to continually surpass yourself.

Join this adventure as an alien warrior, use your wit and courage to rewrite destiny, and experience the thrilling tension of escaping control and the joy of battle. Every game is a test of strategy and skill, and only true warriors can achieve ultimate victory in this cosmic survival battle.